A Big Kidís Christmas
(Kent LaVoie/Billy Aerts)

Theyíre watching their kids
Watch their kids
Tearing open gifts
Hoping they remember everything
On everyoneís list
Someone says hey grandma and grandpa
This ones for you
With a sparkle in their eyes
They get all excited
Like young children do
Itís a big kids Christmas
For a grown up boy and girl
Itís Jingle Bells and Silent Night
And Joy To The world
Deck the halls, O' Tanenbaum
And Oh Holy Night
Itís a big kids Christmas tonight
And all the world is right
Grandpa says the blessing
As grandma bows her head
Dad now carves the turkey
And every one gets fed
Last night it was hard to sleep
Like so many years ago
So soon theyíre knapping on the couch
With Apple pie still left to go
Itís a big kids Christmas
Itís a big kids Christmas
And the worlds so right
Boo Music / Stormy Music