written by Kent LaVoie
Out of work I took a job as a
Hand on a boat
In a town called Matlache
On my first day off I was
Sitting drinking beer
At a bar called the dock of the bay

When in walked a woman
That every man eyed
But her eyes stayed right on me
The guy next to me he
Whispered real low
There's more to her than you can see

She comes from the back bay
Better stay away
She lives up on the back bay
And then he moved on away

Well she came and sat down
And the hours flew by
And the beer flowed just like the tide
The sun went down and the moon came up
And there was fire in her eyes

She took me for a ride in the white moonlight
In a boat like I've never seen
As the bay flew by the sky was alive
I was seeing things that I've never seen

She said you're going to the back bay
You're gonna see my ways
Cause there's magic on the back bay
You might even want to stay

Well I woke in the morning to
Her house boat rocking
Eye to eye with an old brown hound
There was fresh mullet frying
And strange birds crying
And no one else for miles around

I saw her standing there with
The breeze in her hair
I knew I never wanted to leave
I saw all my things around I
Knew she'd been back into town
And already mad the move for me

She said you're moving to the back bay
You're gonna see my ways
You're gonna love it on the back bay
And you're always gonna stay

Boo Music / Aerts Songs