written by Billy Aerts / Don Goodman / Larry Boone
So much can be said without saying a word
Your tears are telling me more
Than words I've ever heard
We better stop and think just
How much we're throwing away
Real love's so hard to find
And goodbye's too easy to say

We're somewhere between the tears and goodbye
On the edge of breaking up but
We can survive
As long as there's a spark of
Love burning in our eyes
If we still care enough to cry
There ought a be a way to keep
The feeling alive
Somewhere between the tears and goodbye

What happened to the days we
Made love the whole night long
How could something feel right
Somehow go so wrong

We're slowly drifting apart a
Little further every day
We better listen to our hearts
Before we let love slip away

Guyasuta Music / Write Road Music / Boo Music
 / Log Jam Music