written by A. Michael Gatley / Robert John

  C                      G
I met him one day in the Rockies
          F                     C
Where the night air tasted like wine
The winter was hard and had me starving
         F                       C
When the two of them found me in time

Then one night I crashed north of Reno
           F             C
I'd been on the road too long
Then I woke to the warmth of her fire
Gsus    F                         C
And the sweet welcome home of his song

           F                    G
It was the California Kid and Remo
F                         C
Lending me a helping hand
           F                    G
It was the California Kid and Remo
Teaching me to love
And teaching me to live off the land

I thanked them and headed for Oregon
The trees were the walls of my home
But the rain soaked my bones every morning
And the chill made me feel more alone

And just when I thought I should end it
The world didn't need men like me
My mind heard the song of my two friends
And the sun started shining on me

copyright 1971
Ensign Music

(as recorded by Lobo)