written by Kent "Lobo" LaVoie
I used to wake up worrying
'Bout what I had done before
Instead of being happy with what I had
I was always looking for more
Had to make more bread
Had to get ahead of the people
Living next to me
But like a big Dumb Dumb
I was the one...
I was sticking it right to me

Well it took some time but I found my mind
And now I'm looking after myself
I found I can give in now
I have more friends
And friends are people who help
It's much more fun just being someone
Instead of trying to be someone great
I saw the light now I'm not uptight
I made it 'fore it was too late

And now I can't wait to wake up mornings
And look myself in the face
I like being right where I am
Not looking for some other place
I am what I am and I like what I am
And now my life feels right
I'm happy to say I found my way
Everyday is my way of life

copyright 1975 Famous Music