written by Guy Fletcher / Doug Flett
You can run around and fool yourself real easy
You can go around in circles till you drop
But that kind of living is sure to drive you crazy
And there comes a time when the running has to stop

You can spend your nights like a candle both ends burning
But you'd be using up your credits by the score
For there comes a time when your carousel stop turning
You can't raise the price of the ticket anymore

I'm gonna lay me down with you
I feel a change is over due
I'm gonna settle down
And say goodbye you crazy town
It's all I wanna do
I'm coming 'round to lay me down with you

I've dreamed of puttin' some roots down for the future
I've got to find the things of value I once knew
But I've lived so long against my better nature
There's no way I can do it without you

Big Secret Music

(as recorded by Lobo)