written by Joey Tempest / Kent LaVoie
I lay in the dark on your side of the bed
And the smell of your body drives me out of my head
I keep thinking any minute I feel you moving around
Not a sound - Not a sound

It don't make much sense try to figure it out
Why you ran away or what it's all about
I don't make a difference it won't change a thing
Not a thing - Not a thing

I can take you're not here right now
And I'll know I'll get through this night somehow
I can make myself believe that this is the end
But I couldn't take losing you again

Everywhere that I look it's you that I see
But it's my memory playing tricks on me
I see something move and I look around
There's not a sound not a sound

A heart should only have to die one time
And baby you know where I lost mine
And if you let me come back to you
Baby I don't know what I do

copyright 1997
Tempest Songs / Madhouse Music / Boo Music