written by Lobo

G/A              D/E         C/D     D/E
I knew you way before I ever met you
G/A              D/E             C/D  D/E
I pictured you before I saw your face
G/A                   D/E           C/D    D/E
I know the things you do before you do them
G/A                 D/E           C/D   D/E
You can't hide from me I'm every place.

G/A           D/E              C/D         D/E
I know more about you than you do yourself
G/A                D/E              C/D  D/E
I know what you're feeling in your heart
G/A             D/E              C/D    D/E
Don't go jiving me with all your crying
G/A          D/E            C/D  D/E
I got loving you down to an art.

C/D                 D/E              G/A      Em/F#m
You can't take the stars out of the night sky
C/D                 D/E            G/A Em/F#m
You can't wear love off a wedding ring
C/D          D/E                 G/A     Em/F#m
I can't separate your love from life now
   C/D          D/E              G/A  D/E  C/D  D/E
To me they are one and the same thing.

G/A               D/E          C/D     D/E
I know if you're joking or you mean it
G/A            D/E               C/D  D/E
I can tell if you aren't feeling well
G/A             D/E              C/D   D/E
I know what you need to keep you happy
   G/A       D/E           C/D   D/E
If you ever doubt me I can tell.

copyright 1973 Kaiser Music / Famous Music

* The first chord in each pair is how to play with a capo on
  the 2th fret.  It represents the easiest fingering. The second 
  chord in each pair is how it actually sounds.