written by Kent LaVoie
Lot of people have to go 'round
Provin' their love for each other
Always havin' to show the way that they feel
As for us we're happy to know what we feel inside
But sometimes if we don't show it, it's no big deal

I love a sunny day
I love to share my life away
We get along so well with each other
I love a sunny day
And I love to share and come what may
We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together

I like the way we go together
But I could do with out your mother
But I take it if that's the way it's gotta be
I really like the way you look
And I love to eat the food you cook
I don't mind it if you're taller then me

We used to have our ups and downs
But now we have a little friend around
She never lets us stay down very long
If it looks like rainy skies
All we do is look in her eyes
And then our minds start singin' a happy song

copyright 1972
 Famous Music / Kaiser Music