Music and Lyrics by Lobo / Billy Meshel

I've known her since we both were kids,
Eb                              Bb
I recall the silly things we did
Eb                                  Bb
She would want to ride up on my back
F                               Bb
To keep from stepping on a crack

I didn't think of it back then
But even when she did not win
She was happy just to play
Stoney likes to live out everyday

Bb      Eb                Bb
Stoney, happy all the time
Stoney, live is summertime
    Bb              Eb          Bb
The joy you find in living everyday
               F               Bb
Stoney, how I love your simple ways

The times when no one understood
Eb                       Bb
Seems that Stoney always would
Eb                           Bb
We walk for hours in the sand
F                                Bb
She would always try and hold my hand

Now I don't recollect the time
I fell in love with this old friend of mine
Or when I first saw in her eyes
What she tried so not to hide.

copyright 1973
Kaiser Music / Famous Music