You're Healing My Heart
written by S. LaVoie/B. Aerts/D. Goodman

We Sat And Talked For Hours
Never Mentioning His Name
Though We Never Talked About Him
He Was There Just The Same

It Took A While To Make Me Smile
And Want To Love Again
He Slipped Away Alittle Each Day
And Your Love Slipped In

You're Healing My Heart
With Your Gentle Touch
I'm Forgetting At Last
You're Making The Past
Not Hurt Quite So Much

You Pick Up The Pieces
When I Fall Apart
You're Loving Me Back Together Again
You're Healing My Heart

I Still Dream About You
Every Now And Then
And Wake Up Feeling Lonely
And Turn To You Again

You're Always There Willing To Share
My Love Or My Tears
You Tenderly Give Your Love To Me
And He'll Disappear

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