written by Lobo
Well I didn't plan this to happen
Cause you can't plan things like this
But the way we got along now
How could you knew what I miss
Everything you did was perfect
And everything I said was right
It just seemed kinda right
That you would spend the night

Every day this happens
You hear about it everywhere
You really don't believe it
But it just don't seem to care
How can things that move so quickly
Turn out to be so right
Baby don't you know that people
Fall in love at first sight

So don't be ashamed of you passion
And don't worry about the way that you feel
Think of all the people
Who never find anything real
They take so long to get together
That a piece of them is always apart
Well that's not for us baby
Cause we've been together from the start

copyright 1976
Boo Music