written by Kent "Lobo" LaVoie
Sometimes when I hold you
You feel so far away
Though you try not to show it
To me it's as clear as day
Our bodies still move together
But something is just not there
And that's not fair
It's not fair

What we had was special
All the loving that we shared
And i don't want to end it
It took us to long to get here
Maybe time apart will bring back
The fire that we can't find
But till that time

I don't wanna make love to you
If you're not into it
Just the act of doing it
Is not enough anymore
I don't wanna make love to you
If we're not feeling it
If we're not meaning it
I don't wanna make love anymore

At times it feels so lonely
Being by myself
But I just can't imagine
Holding on to someone else
Cos after loving you girl
Something less would never do
I'll wait for you

Famous Music / Boo Music