What's New

April 20, 2022
I added the new Digital albums to the Discography page.
March 6, 2017
I added a new CD to the discography page and got rid of the Fan Gallery all together. Since Facebook came out I stopped adding to it and it was time to get rid of it.
March 17, 2015
Added digital downloads to the Lobo store. The CD's are being phased out. When they are gone...they are gone. Also removed the Shoutbox. Too much spam!!!
November 17, 2014
I updated the Juke Box page. We now have a new Juke Box. This one will play on Iphones and Andriod devices without the need for flash.

June 17, 2013
Added a DVD to the discography. The 70's Experience which Lobo performed Me And You And A Dog Named Boo on.

October 1, 2012
Added the concert poster for the Nov 18 2012 show to the Lobo News page.

August 24, 2012
Added another CD to the discography. It is a compilation from Indonesia.

August 7, 2012
Cleared out the guestbook. We are now up to volume 24!!!

September 20, 2011
Added a new CD to the discography.

September 14, 2011
We sold out of the Lobo Greatest Hits CD and have now replaced it with the new CD Lobo's All Time Greatest Performances so go to the Lobo store and order your copy today!

Auguat 1, 2011:
For anyone that still goes there. I closed the Lobo MySpace page. The new format was just too much to deal with plus the site is extremely slow and not user friendly anymore. The Facebook page is gaining new members everyday. Check it out.

May 10 ,2011:
Removed the Video Jukebox page. The video links change too much to keep up with. If you want to see Lobo videos visit the Fans Of Lobo Facebook page or search Lobo on You Tube.

October 30, 2010:
Added another new CD to the discography

October 29, 2010:
Added a new Best of CD to the discography.

September 9, 2010:
The Lobo Fan Gallery page is now closed. It has been replaced with the Fans Of Lobo Facebook group and the MySpace page.

September 7, 2010:
Lobo's new album "Propinquity" is now available all most mp3 download sites. Check out the news page for info.

April 30, 2010:
Fixed up the dead lniks on the Video Juke Box page.

February 22, 2010:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery. Check it out.

October 14, 2009:
Archived the Guestbook. We are now up to Volume 23!!!

October 12, 2009:
Added a new video to the juke box.

October 7, 2009:
Added a new video to the Video Juke Box page.

June 2, 2009:
Added a new fan to the gallery. Check it out!!! Also cleaned up the dead links on the links page.
November 6, 2008:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery, check it out.

July 22, 2008:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery. Check it out. Also made some changes to the Lyric page.
July 21, 2008:
Updated the discography with the new Wounded Bird releases.
June 3, 2008:
Check out the new Juke Box page!!!!!!
May 28, 2008:
Added a new guestbook to the site. Check it out.
May 15, 2008:
I finally got the Fan Gallery updated. Added a new fan and updated an old one. Check it out.
April 30, 2007:
Added a new guestbook. Check it out!
March 3, 2008:
Added a CD to the discography page.
February 27, 2008:
I reworked the Juke Box page and also added a new Video Juke Box page. Check it out!
January 1, 2008:
Lobo's new CD "Out Of Time" is now available at the Lobo Store!!!
December 18, 2007:
The Lobo message board is now closed. It was not being used and the Shout Box works better.
October 8, 2007:
Added a new fan to the Gallery.
September 27, 2007:
Added some items to the discography and the Buyer Beware page.
September 19, 2007:
Added a fan to the Fan Gallery, also updated the "Buyer Beware" page. More updates coming to that page.
August 27, 2007:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery.

April 26, 2007:
Check out the Links and Lobo News page for a great new interview with Lobo!
April 4, 2007:
The old chatroom is now closed. The java chatroom is still open for you to use. The old room did not work right with the new web browsers and it was not being used much. The java chatroom works good and I think is easier to use than the old room. Have fun chatting!
April 3, 2007:
I have added a few new fans to the Fan Gallery. Sorry for the delay. Check it out.
January 9, 2007:
A new CD has been issued and is for sale exclusively from fansoflobo.com. Lobo - Greatest Hits. Contains all the hits plus bomus tracks from the "Sometimes" CD. Check out the Lobo Store!!!
December 6, 2006:
Added another fan to the Fan Gallery. Also the CD's are back in stock. Check out the changes to the My Space!
September 26, 2006:
Added some new fans to the Fan Gallery. Check it out. Also added slideshows from the 2006 tour to the Photo's and More page. Plus rare pics from Asian newspaper clipping dating back to 1974. Check it all out.
September 3, 2006:
Added a new CD to the discography.
August 30, 2006:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery. Welcome Scott to the site!!!
June 13, 2006:
Just released!!! The "Come With Me" album finally on CD!!!! Check out the Lobo Store!!!
June 9, 2006:
Added a new fan to the Gallery.
June 8, 2006:
Lobo 2006 Asian tour dates now listed on the Lobo News page!!
May 19, 2006:
Added a new CD to the discography. Removed some dead links from the links page.
May 1, 2006:
Added a few new fans to the Fan Gallery. I want to welcome them to the Gallery.
March 2, 2006:
Updated the Singles Discography with pictures of Lobo's first single.
January 24, 2006:
The new Lobo Store is now open. You can order Lobo's latest CD here!!!
August 5, 2005:
I archived the guestbook. We now have a clean guestbook again.
August 4, 2005:
Check out the News page. The Wounded Bird re-issue is out!!
August 2, 2005:
Finally I got the Gallup page up. It is not what I want, but I wanted to get something up. All the pictures and reviews are there. Check it out.
July 27, 2005:
Made the E-board private to keep out unwanted posters. You will need a username and password to post and read messages. Email me to get set up. Also, anyone wanting to wish Lobo a happy birthday can leave a post on the guestbook or email lobo@fansoflobo.com.
July 6, 2005:
Added two fans to the Gallery. Larry and Til.
June 6, 2005:
Updated the Lobo News page with info on the upcoming re-issue of Lobo's first 2 albums in the U.S..
April 13, 2005:
Check out the Lobo News page for Taiwan tour dates and ticket info.
February 23, 2005:
Added a new lyric to the Lyrics page. Had this one for awhile but forgot about it.
February 17, 2005:
I put some photo's on the News page from the Gallup concert. There will be a separate page for the Gallup show when I get everything together.
February 9, 2005:
Added two more fans to the fan gallery. Check it out and welcome our new gallery members.
November 1, 2004:
Made some changes to the promo video page. Since people were having problems streaming the video, I now have it downloadable. So now you have download it and play it whenever you want!
October 19, 2004:
Just added a new item to the Juke Box page. Lobo Live 2004 Promotional Video! Check it out!!!
September 29, 2004:
Added a new fan to the gallery, I know Martha, it's about time :-). Plus fixed a typo in a lyric, thanks BJ!
September 7, 2004:
Changed some info on the 'contacts' page.
July 28, 2004:
Added a new fan to the Gallery. Check it out. Welcome Kendra.
July 9, 2004:
Added a shout box to the main page. This is a neat box where you can leave messages or chat.
June 29, 2004:
More chords added to the lyrics page!!!!
June 28, 2004:
Overhauled the Jukebox page. Some Mozilla browsers may not like it.  Also added a number of chords to the lyrics page. Thanks to Dr. Yan San Lee.
June 22, 2004:
The pictures of the Malaysia show are now up at the Photo's and More page!!! Thanks again Lee!!!!
June 21, 2004:
The concert in K.P. was a near sell out!!! Will be getting pictures soon!!!! Thanks Lee!!! Add chords to another song on the lyrics page, "That's The Way I Came In".
June 16, 2004:
Added another CD to the discography.
June 8, 2004:
Added some goodies to the photo's and more page. Check out the Lobo Winamp skins on the wallpaper and more page!!
May 17, 2004:
Check out the updated tour dates for Asia!!! Thanks BS Lee!!!!!
April 27, 2004:
Added a new single to the discography. Also added some new original artwork to the Photo's And More page. Thanks Aurthur!!!
February 14, 2004:
Added a new CD to the discography. Another bootleg.
January 28, 2004:
Cleaned out the guest book. We are now up to Volume 19!!!
January 26, 2004:
Added another slide show on the Photos & More page. Check it out.
January 19, 2004:
Check out the lyrics page. We have some new chord arrangements for some of the songs including the long sought after "Faithful"! Thanks to Rich Morgan for taking the time to hammer out these chords!!!
December 11, 2003:
December 8, 2003:
I have done a major over haul of the Lyrics page. Let me know how you like it on the web board. If everyone likes it better than the old lyrics page it will stay. The fonts were too small on the old page and there was no way it make them bigger in the format it was in.
November 7, 2003:
I added the Lobo wallpaper back to the web site. I removed them awhile back but have been requested to put it back by some fans. They are located on the Photo's and More page.
October 8, 2003:
I know it has been awhile since I made an update. Added a new fan to the Gallery. Check it out.
August 27, 2003
Added a new fan to the gallery. Check it out.
July 31, 2003:
Added Volume 18 , the Birthday guest book to the guestbook page. I do have to appologise to all the fans. I didn't realize the message size was limited. And the guestbook closes after 50 entries! Needless to say I will not use Yahoo's guestbook again. So if any fans want to add their message to the regulare guestbook, please do, your message will not get cut off there and Lobo does read the guestbook from time to time.
Added some new PS's and an album cover in the discography, Intro Lobo page and At First Sight single. Also added a new fan to the gallery.
July 10, 2003:
Added a new CD to the discography. The latest compilation is out this time in Hong Kong. This will be a hard one to get, I have not found an online source for this yet. Nice package though.
July 7, 2003:
Believe it or not, I finally put up a new poll!!!! Be sure to vote.
June 26, 2003:
Lobo will be the big 60 this July 31st! I have setup a special Guest Book for you to leave your Birthday messages to Lobo in. I'll ask Lobo not to view the guestbook until the big day.
June 3, 2003:
Just set up a new chat room. This room is not a java room like the old one. It should work on any PC with any version of windows. And it is much easier to use. See you in the chat room!!!
May 29, 2003:
Made some long over due updates to the web site. First, a new CD was added to the discography page. Since this Cd is not a legitimate release I also added it to the "Beware" page. I also added a new fan photo to the Photo & More "Fan Gathering" page. I am also working on a new poll. The one currently running has been there for a long time, it is time for a change.
May 12, 2003:
Another fan added to the gallery. Growing in leaps and bounds now!!
May 7, 2003:
Added another fan to the Gallery!!! Our numbers are growing!!!
April 26, 2003:
Added another fan to the Gallery. Check out the Fan Gallery page!
April 20, 2003:
I added some new photo's to the Rare Photo's page. They are from 1973, some excellent photos!
April 1, 2003:
Cleaned out the guest book. We now have Volume 17 of the guestbook.
February 10, 2003:
Added some new pictures to the Rare Photo page. update
February 4, 2003:
Check out the Lobo News page, another compilation has just been released in Hong Kong.
January 30, 2003:
Added another Christmas CD to the Discography. I also add another single to the single discography.
January 28, 2003:
Added a new CD to the discography.
January 23, 2003:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery. We are now up to Thirty. Cool :-)
January 13, 2003:
Added the Christmas songs to the Discography. Somehow I missed these but they are now up. Plus check out the Lobo News page!
January 12, 2003:
Added a new link to the Links page. A good shop from Germany!
January 7, 2003:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery. Welcome Sheshardri.
December 13, 2002:
Added some info on the Lobo News page for where to find CD's with the Lobo Christmas songs on. Just found a shop in the US that has it!
November 22,2002:
I added a new fan to the fan gallery. Sorry Judi that is took me soo long, welcome! update
October 16, 2002:
Added the new CD to the discography. This disc is a must have.
October 9, 2002:
Added the lyrics for "Different Drum" to the lyrics page.
October 8, 2002:
Check out the Lobo News page for some new Lobo music!!!!! update
September 24, 2002:
Started a new poll today. Be sure to get your vote it.
September 5, 2002:
Added a new album to the Discography page. Check out the Lobo News page for all the info. update
August 9, 2002:
Well after years without a message board, I finally found one I like and have now added a message board to the web site. I changed the chat room page to Lobo Interactive. There you will find the chat room and the new message board. I hope everyone takes advantage of the message board. It will be great for posting Want List's, Trade Items, Lobo Items you would like to sell, or just any discussion on Lobo.
August 8, 2002:
Added a new fan to the "Fan Gallery". update
August 4, 2002:
I'm sure you noticed by now that the "Beseen" chat room has not been working. There chat rooms broke down a month or so ago and they are not going to repair them, they are discontinuing all of their services. Now the only chat room we will have is the Java chat room, till I find an alternative.
July 26, 2002:
Made some changes to the Biography's page. Added some new info on the band "Me And The Other Guys". update
July 23, 2002:
Cleaned up the guestbook, we now have 16 volumes of guestbooks. I am also gonna try to link to the updates made to the site, by the request of some of the fans. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the changes I've made.  update
July 14, 2002:
Added another CD to the album discography.
July 1, 2002:
Added a new fan to the fan gallery! Also cleaned up the links page. A new addition was made to the album discography.
June 25, 2002:
I finally got the sound clips up for the new Poll. Sorry for the delay. I forgot I never put them up :-).  I also added a new fan to the fan gallery. Also, check out the Lobo news page!!!
June 7, 2002:
Changed the album poll today. Be sure to get your votes in.
May 30, 2002:
Added a new picture sleeve to the singles discography.
May 20, 2002:
Added another new CD to the discography.
May 8, 2002:
Added a new album to the discography. Cleaned up some single discography pages.
April 16, 2002:
Added another new piece of sheet music to the discography.
April 4, 2002:
Added a new piece of sheet music to the Discography page.
March 19, 2002:
Added a new fan to the gallery.
March 6, 2002:
Added some new pics to the Rare Photo's page.
February 26, 2002:
Added a new pic to the rare photo page.
February 24, 2002:
Check out the Lobo News page. Also added a new item to the Buyer Beware page on the discography.
February 18, 2002:
Added a few new pics to the web site, you'll have to search them out. I also trimmed down the Juke Box. I needed the room.
February 13, 2002:
Started a new poll today. Be sure to get your votes in on the "Sometimes" album. Will be posting some new pics soon. I had to remove the free wallpaper for now. Once the album pools are over I will put them back up. I am running low on web space.
January 17, 2002:
I added a picture sleeve to the single Don't Tell Me Goodnight on the Singles Discography page. I also added a new item to the Beware Buyers page in the Discography.
December 18, 2001:
Added a new volume to the guestbook page.
December 7, 2001:
The sound clips have now been added for the new Album Poll.
December 6, 2001:
Added a new fan to the Gallery. Also started a new poll today. Do not have the sound clips up yet but should soon.
October 29, 2001:
Added two new fans to the fan gallery.
October 25, 2001:
Added some new items to the single discography. Also check out the 'Lobo News' page.
October 24, 2001:
Just finished some format changes to the Album discography. Also added a new item to the sheet music page. We also have a new member in the fan gallery. Check it out.
October 16, 2001:
The Webring is closed. It moved to another provider and was not worth the effort to migrate, so I closed it.
September 19, 2001:
I started a new album poll today. Check the Photo and More page for the results of the previous album poll.
August 25, 2001:
A new Best Of CD has been released in Europe that contains Lobo's newly recorded track "Caribbean Disco Show". Check out the discography for the update and the Lobo News page for more info!
August 9, 2001:
Added some new photos to the Photos and More page and the discography. Also updated the biography.
July 25, 2001:
Started a new poll today. Check out the results of the previous poll. Since we are getting into albums that were not widely available to fans I will begin to place 30 sec. sound clips on the poll page for each song being polled to help you in your voting.
July 13, 2001:
Added a different guestbook to the web site. 
June 15, 2001:
Added some new sound clips to the Juke Box page. Also started a new poll today. Check out the results of the old polls on the Photo & More page.
June 8, 2001:
Added some new picture sleeves to the singles discography pages. Thanks Artur. I also archived the guestbook. We are up to Volume 13.
June 5, 2001:
Added another compilation album to the Discography.

May 27,2001:
Re-scanned some of the sheet music on the "Sheet Music" page. Some of the old scans were pretty bad.

May 26, 2001:
Added some items to the sheet music page, also updated the singles discography page.

May 16, 2001:
Major new info on the Discography page on a Lobo album from 1971 that was never released. Check out the album discography for more info. There is also an addition to the singles discography.

May 7, 2001:
Started a new album poll today. Don't forget to vote! Finished the work on the lyrics page.

April 30, 2001:
Added a new record to the singles discography. I am also in the process of getting rid of the ugly blue in the lyrics page.

April 2, 2001:
I archived the guestbook. We are not up to Volume 13 of the guestbook. I will archive from time to time to keep the guestbook from getting too large.

March 28, 2001:
Fix the email addresses on the web site. They were not working. Added a few things to the singles discography. Also added a pic to the Rare Photo page.

March 26, 2001:
Made a change to the Album Poll. I forgot "California Kid and Reemo". So if you want to vote for that song it is now on the poll. Also added a new Fan to the Gallery. Check it out!

March 13, 2001:
Started a new album poll today! Get your votes in now!!!!

March 12, 2001:
Updated the discography page. Added info on the Christmas CD. Also removed some links from the links page. 

March 5, 2001:
Added some new CD releases to the Lobo News page. I also added a new person to the Fan Gallery. Glenn Isaacson helped me out when I first started this web site. I lost touch with him for a few years but he is back!

February 28, 2001:
I gave the opening page a little face lift. Did not change it much, just tweaked it a bit. The menu items now light up when you mouse passes over them.

February 21, 2001:
The company I was using for our Web Board has stopped their web board service. The web board was not being used much so I will not replace it unless enough fans write asking for it back.

February 20, 2001:
A new compilation CD has been added to the discography page. Check out the Lobo News page for details.

January 29, 2001:
Added a new page to the Photo and More page. On January 19th Lobo performed at a private reunion of Winter Haven, Florida "Legends". Check out the Photo and More page for the great photos!

January 24, 2001:
I fixed the guestbook. I don't know how long it has been since Geocities disabled the old guestbook system. But I now have the new guestbook online.

January 22, 2001:
Info on LoboFest three has been posted on the Lobo News page. Check it out.

January 16, 2001:
Started a new poll today. We are now voting on "Come With Me". I know a lot of fans probably do not have this album but we will go till we get a good number of votes from the fans that do. I also corrected some items in the singles discography.

January 13, 2001:
Added more info and some scans to the Discography page, mainly "Happy Days In New York City".

January 2, 2001:
Updated the singles discography. I re-scanned the record labels. The old scans were pretty bad. I also redesigned the record pages. I still am not satisfied, but I'm getting close. Hope everyone had a good New Years eve!

December 22, 2000:
Added a new link to the web site. Our fan gathering photographer and good friend now has his own web site to promote his photographs. I placed some links on the web site. Give it a look see. His work is excellent!!!

December 11, 2000:
The album poll is back online. Get your votes it today!

December 7, 2000:
The album poll has been down for maintenance. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Please be sure to stop back and vote. I promise...no recounts :-)

November 28, 2000:
Added new wallpaper to the photos and more page.

November 27, 2000:
Added more chart info to the discography singles page. Plus added some more factoids!

November 17, 2000:
Added chart info to the albums and singles pages.

November 15, 2000:
Fix the lyrics to "She Didn't Do Magic". A typo. Also fixed the poll. Missed a song off the album. Thanks to the fans who caught the errors. I need all the help I can get :-)

November 11, 2000
Started a new Album Poll today. Check out the results of the previous poll and be sure to vote in this new poll!

November 8, 2000:
Added a new fan to the Fan Gallery. Check it out!!!

November 5, 2000:
Added a new item to the album discography.

October 27, 2000:
Added a new CD to the discography along with some new pictures!!!!

October 25, 2000:
Added some more items to the "Factoids" page. Also, we got rid of the "Trivia" page.

October 18, 2000:
New on the "Photo & More" page, we now have Lobo Wallpaper for your computer, free for the downloading!

October 13, 2000:
Updated the discography with the info for the new CD "The Very Best Of Lobo"

October 2, 2000:
Added a new link to the links page. Also, you can now vote for The Back Bay web site in the dotmusic online music eb site awards by clicking on the dotmusic logo on the main page.

September 20, 2000:
Added a new photo to the rare photo page. Also update the biography and discography pages to reflect the new CD.

September 16, 2000:
The new CD is out, check the Lobo News page for all of the info.

September 7, 2000:
Added a "Lobo News" page. Click on the Lobo News banner and check it out.

August 30, 2000:
Just added a search engine to the web site. Now you can search for any Lobo information in the web site!

August 24, 2000:
Added a few new pictures to the rare photo page. Also todays starts the new album poll, we are now doing "Just A Singer".

August 15,2000:
Added a new lyric to the lyrics page. Finally got the lyrics to "Bull Smith Can't Dance The Cotton Eyed Joe". I also updated the discography.

July 31, 2000:
Added a new photo to the rare photo's page. Also added a new member to the Fan Gallery.

July 28, 2000:
The Lobo Store is now online. Plus I added a new link to the links page.

July 25, 2000:
Added a new photo to the Rare Photo's page. Still working on the Lobo Store.

July 9, 2000:
We got more copies of Lobo's latest CD in. Check the front page for a link of where to buy a copy. Also coming soon the Lobo Store. All monies made through the Lobo Store will go to covering the cost's of the web site. The new domain name and the cost of the web space. Thanks to all who support the web site!!! Also, we start a new album poll tonight. Check out the results of the previous polls.

July 5, 2000:
Removed all of the Geocities banner advertising from the web site. I am now paying for the web space so the ads no longer have to plague the site :-)

July 4, 2000:
Added a photo to the Rare Photo page. Also added lyrics to the new songs. Still no release date.

June 25, 2000:
Just finished posting the pictures from LoboFest 2! Take a look on the photo's and more page.

June 24, 2000:
Made some updates to the Lobo Records page. Also, the pictures from LoboFest2 are in. I am working on scanning them and hope to have them up by weeks end.

June 16, 2000:
Lobo has finished up recording the new tracks for his upcoming album. 2 Christmas songs, "Big Kids Christmas" and "Late Christmas Eve". Plus the German label has asked Lobo to record his own version of the 1981 bogus Lobo record "Caribbean Disco Show". He did and it sounds just like the original, but better! This time it is Lobo singing!!! On the web site front, I made changes to the opening page to reflect the new domain name.

June 14, 2000:
Added a new page to the Photo Gallery, the "Rare Photo" page. As I get rare photo's in I will post them on the new page.

June 13, 2000:
The Back Bay now has it's own domain! "www.fansoflobo.com" or "fansoflobo.com". The old address still works as the web site still resides on Geocities. But now it will be easier for fans to find the web site.

June 5, 2000:
LoboFest 2 was excellent. We had 15 people attend. We did have a few no shows. It was a great day! I am working on a page to add to the Lobo Fest page on Photos & More. Added a new link to the link page, and added a new lyric.

June 1, 2000:
Added some more sheet music to the "Sheet Music" page in the discography.

May 30, 2000:
Made some changes to the Lobo Fest Page. 4 days and counting!!!!

May 28, 2000:
Started a new Album poll today. This time we are doing "Of A Simple Man". Be sure to get your vote in! LoboFest is coming! Photos will be posted afterwards on the Photo and More page!!!

May 15, 2000:
Added a new fan to the Fan Gallery, Tim Armstrong.

May 12, 2000:
Added a new picture sleeve to the discography page.

May 6, 2000:
Made some updates to the discography page.

May 5,2000:
Made an update to the new album page and listing in the discography.

April 21, 2000:
Just added about 10 new pics. You'll have to scan the web site to find them. They came from the Lobo songbook.

April 19, 2000:
Lobo will be going in the studio to record the Christmas songs in the beginning of May.

April 7, 2000:
Check out the New Release page. A new CD compilation is out in Hong Kong!

April 6, 2000:
Added another Midi to the juke box.

April 5, 2000:
Added a new section to the Fan Gallery. It's the fan spotlight. What this is, is pictures from a fan's home country. We started with Kjell Wrengstad. He sent some beautiful pictures of his home country Norway. So I decided to add them to the gallery for other fans to see. If you want to get involved just email me some pictures from around where you live. I'll add them to the Fan Gallery.

April 1, 2000:
Just added a new fan to the Fan Gallery. Check it out! Also, as of today, The Back Bay is now the Official Lobo web site. What does this mean? It means everything will stay the same except Lobo and Billy have declared this the Official Lobo Web Site. I want to thank Lobo and Billy for all of their support and cooperation! Also just in from Malaysia. WEA is now pushing Lobo's Rhino Best of CD on television there. The more exposure the better! Thanks Lee for the info!

March 30, 2000:
Just tweaked all the pages. I learn something new. And they say old dogs can't learn new tricks :-). Also, Lobo just finished up writing 2 Christmas songs with Billy to be used on a compilation album in Germany later this year. More info will follow when I get it. The song titles are, Big Kids Christmas and Late Christmas Eve. Sounds interesting!

March 21, 2000:
Just got word that the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee and Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris are setting up and exhibit on Florida's rock, pop, and soul legends and are including a section on Lobo! This exhibit will open on October 20, 2000 at the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee.  It will also open later in Miami, and finally, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. They've asked me to supply them with photo's of Lobo to use in the exhibit! If the exhibit comes to your area be sure to give it a look see!

March 16, 2000:
Nothing really new, I finally after almost a year put up Lobo's response to last years birthday guestbook. Sorry about the delay. Started a new poll today! Be sure to vote!!! Check out the results of the previous poll!

March 10, 2000:
First, check out the Singles Discography page for more info on The Uglies. Also, in case you haven't heard, Lobo's song "I'd Love You to Want Me" was featured in the HBO original movie "If These Walls Could Talk 2."  It was in the
middle segment of the 3, which took place in the 1970s.  It is in a bar playing in the background.  They play basically the entire song, and by the end the 2 main characters (both women) are dancing to it. Thanks Dick, for the info!

March 1, 2000:
Made some additions to Lobo and Billy's biography's.

February 23, 2000:
Added some more lyrics to the Lyrics page.

February 20, 2000:
Made some additions to the Biography and Discography pages.

February 7, 2000:
Added another midi to the Juke Box Page. Also updated the New Release page.

February 4, 2000:
Updated the "Links" page. Some links were dead and some shops no longer have Lobo CD's.

February 03, 2000:
Added some more sound clips to the Juke Box.

February 02, 2000:
Have been tweaking some pages. Especially the biography page.

January 31, 2000:
Added some more sound clips to the Juke Box.

January 29, 2000:
Added a few more photo's to the Lobo In The Studio page. Plus I change a few pages in the discography section.

January 27, 2000:
The album poll has now been moved to the Photos & More... page.

January 26, 2000:
Made some changes to the discography, namely the Classic Hits album page. Also, we are starting a survey on the Trivia page. Vote for your favorite Lobo album. I can only survey 6 albums at a time, so after I get through them all I will pick the top from each group of 6 to get the most favorite. Also, photos of Lobo in the Studio are now up on the Photo's & More... page!

January 25, 2000:
Check out the New Release page for new updates!

January 5, 2000:
Check out the info on the new Lobo album due out soon!!!!

December 30, 1999:
Just added some new pages!!! You have to check them out!!! I received some original artwork from Bo Ronnstad from Sweden. Excellent stuff! He is going to send more so keep a look out for it!

December 10, 1999:
The web site has won 3 web awards over the last few weeks. Check out the awards page!

December 6, 1999:
The guestbook is now working.

December 4, 1999:
Well Geocities is at it again. If you try to sign the guestbook and it does not work, please leave your message on the WebBoard and I will transfer it to the Guestbook, until Geocities gets the book working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

December 3, 1999:
Made some changes to the Fan Gallery pages.

November 25, 1999:
Just did some minor tweaking of some of the pages. Added some more facts to the factoid page. We had our first scheduled chat in the chat room. I went extremely well. When I schedule another chat I'll be sure to post so everyone knows when it will be. We were very fortunate that Lobo attended this first scheduled chat. I can only hope he has time to attend any future chats. Keep checking for when the next chat is planned. More info on the Lobo Fest 2 has been posted, be sure to check it out.

November 24, 1999:
Added a new item to the Discography page. Check it out so you don't get burned!

November 11, 1999:
Finally changed the Trivia question. Sorry it took soooo long.

November 9, 1999:
Have finished removing all of the annoying pop-ups from the web site. Also made additions to the Discography and added chords to the lyrics page.

October 18, 1999:
Geocities fixed their problem so the web site is fully accessible again. But I am going to continue to remove the code and tweak all the pages since I already started. Coming soon will be more chords to songs on the lyrics page.

October 17, 1999:
Geocities is having problems with their "Geoguide". Any page with the code on will not load. Unfortunately all of my pages have the code on. I am in the process of removing the code, so please be patient. Most of the web site will not be accessible until I get the code removed or Geocities fixes their problem. I have over 200 pages to remove the code from.

October 15, 1999:
Just a tip. Geocities has now added an annoying box on the upper right hand corner of every screen. If you click on the up arrow and then the 'x' the box will close. I know it's annoying, but the powers that be thing it's necessary. One more thing, the web site may look a little different. I have abandoned Netscape and have gone Microsoft. Netscape crashes too often and it will take a bit till I get used to the new software.

October 2, 1999:
The Back Bay now has a easier web address. You can still get here with www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/6102, but now to make it even easier just type www.geocities.com/backbay.geo/ and you'll get here. I know most have the web site book marked but if you don't, this saves alot of typing!

August 31, 1999:
A new greatest hits album is now out in Japan. It can be ordered online from two outlets. CD-Japan and CD Europe. Be sure when you order you get Curb/Denon#COCB-83214. This CD contains the entire Curb catalog except for "Our Best Times". It's the first time alot of these tracks have been put on CD plus a previously unreleased track "New York Hold Her Tight", an outtake from 1980. CD-Japan ships faster that CD Europe but is alittle more expensive. For a complete track listing check out the Discography page!
Also added some more chords to the lyrics page thanks to Tim Belet!

August 2, 1999:
Well the web site front page is back to normal after the Birthday. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to sign the guest book! It was another great turn out!!!

August 1, 1999:
Just added a new fan to the fan gallery. Let's all welcome Perri Hamilton to the gallery!

July 31, 1999:
Started a new web board. Due to pornographic advertising on the old one, I've decided to go with a new server and style. I think you will like it over the old one.

July 29, 1999:
Added a new page to the Biography page. Lobo's Chronological History page. Check it out.

July 26, 1999:
Finished updating the Singles discography page. You still have a few days left to sign the Birthday guest book.

July 18, 1999:
It's that time of the year again. The Lobo Birthday Guestbook is ready for signing. So be sure to leave your message.

June 28, 1999:
Added some new lyrics to the Lyric Page. Also updated the Singles Discography page and the Rare Tracks page.

June 18, 1999:
Made some updates to the Biography page and the Singles discography page. Also new Hits CD due out in Japan on August 21. Check out the web board for details.

June 13, 1999:
Added a new song to the Rare Tracks Page. Also the info for LoboFest 2 is up. Stay tuned for more info on a possible new "Greatest Hits" CD from Japan. More info coming soon. 

June 10, 1999:
Am in the process of making cosmetic changes to the web site. Plus I have added 2 new lyrics to the lyrics page. Also the date is set for LoboFest 2! Watch for info soon! You'll have plen
ty of time to make plans!!!

June 1, 1999:
Just added a new MP3 on the Juke Box page. Been slow with the updates. My PC crashed and I just got everything re-installed from my back-ups.

May 25, 1999:
Made changes to the "Juke Box" page. The sound clips are now "Stereo" MP3 clips. If you do not have the updated windows media player just download "WinAmp" from the Juke Box page.

May 24, 1999:
Made some additions to the Lobo Records page and the Rare Tracks page.

May 12, 1999:
Added more photo's to the gathering page. Check them out!

May 11, 1999:
The Fan Gathering page is now up! More pictures will be added as I get them. Also the "Fans Of Lobo" WebRing is now up and running. We still need more web sites to add, so let's all make our own Lobo web pages and make the Ring grow!

May 9, 1999:
Made some changes to the TNN page. Please let me know if anyone has problems viewing this page. I learned some new Java and wanted to try it out. If no one has problems the Fan Gathering page will use the same. Please let me know, especially AOL users.

May 4, 1999:
I re-worked the "Photos and More" page. Check it out. Added the Factoids and a slide show of the TNN appearance.

May 4, 1999:
Made alot of additions to the "Rare Tracks" page. I found 16 more Lobo songs while doing research in BMI's database. I also corrected some info on the Rare Tracks page. Will finally get the factoid page up sometime this week. When it's ready it will be found on the "Photo's and More" page. Also the Fan Gathering page will be on the "Photo's and More" page when I get all the pictures together. It was a great day! Will definitely do it again next year!

April 26, 1999:
Added a new item to the discography. It's a bootleg item but I want the discography to be as complete as possible.

April 5, 1999:
Added some more albums to the discography. The discography is the most complete I've seen on Lobo. If anyone has any items to add, please let me know.

March 28, 1999:
Just added a reviews page. Reviews of Lobos albums from billboard magazine are listed. Will be adding reviews for some of Lobo's 80's singles soon. If anyone wants to write a review to be added to the page, please email me.

March 26, 1999:
Made some updates to the discography album page. The front and back covers of the albums are now featured.

March 16, 1999:
Just added a Bio for Billy Aerts on the Biography Page.

February 26, 1999:
Just added! Video clip! Check out the Juke Box page for a Real Video clip of Me And You And A Dog Named Boo from TNN's Nashville Now program! Special thanks to Tim Belet for all the work on the video!

February 15,1999:
In the middle of a move at the moment. Sorry about not updating the web sight. Things in the works are an updated Lobo biography, a biography on Billy Aerts! Lobo slide shows!! More sound clips!! Also coming in May, highlights of the Lobo Fan Gathering!!

January 20, 1999:
Finally got the right lyrics for "California Kid And Reemo". Thanks Jeff!

January 19, 1999:
Changes the chat room back to the old style. It got to be a bother to keep logging in and some people were having problems. Plus the old messages deleted to often.

January 15, 1999:
Added some more sheet music to the Discography. Thanks Jeff for sending them in. Just a tid bit of info. The Back Bay is averaging about 40 hits per day! Not bad!

January 4, 1999:
Added a new page for the up coming fan gathering. Be sure to check it out! Also I removed most of the Java from the web site. Most fans are using AOL and the Java doesn't show up for AOL users.

December 12, 1998:
Added a new lyric to the lyrics page. Also updated the Rare Tracks page.

November 29, 1998:
Made some cosmetic changes. Added the new "Photo Gallery".

November 25, 1998:
Made some corrections to the discography updates, thanks John. Also added more fans to the Lobo Fans page.

November 9, 1998:
Check out the changes on the 'Rare Tracks' page. Thanks to everyone who supplied the info! Also more pics have been added to the 'Fans' page. Also check out the new Web Board.

November 2, 1998:
Added some lyrics to the lyric page. Updated the Rare Tracks discography.

October 31, 1998:
Changed the format of the chat room. Now you must log in a user name, it's free and once your name is registered no one else will be able to use it but you. Plus the new room is easier to use. Hope to see you there.

October 29, 1998:
Just added a new Web Board. Check it out, let me know what you think. If you'd rather have to old board or keep the new one. Leave a message on you preference.

October 27, 1998:
Added a new piece of sheet music to the discography, thanks Jeff! More photo's have been added to the 'Fan's' page. And last but not least a new trivia question has been added.

October 25, 1998:
Lots of updates today. The discography page has been updated thanks to BS Lee for all the information. New lyrics have been added. The Lobo's Fans page is now online. It's a small beginning but I have commitments from alot more fans and I hope this page will grow. Check it out! Anyone wanting to be on the Fans page please let me know.

October 17, 1998:
Started adding the lyrics with chords to the lyrics page. Only one up so far, but it's a start!

October 11, 1998:
Made some cosmetic changes to the opening page. It should look right for MS IE4.0 users now. Working on the new "Lobo's Fan" page. Send in those pics!!!!

October 4, 1998:
Just added a "Sheet Music" page. This page has pictures of Lobo's sheet music. 

September 25, 1998:
The singles discography is now finished. Check it out.

September 19, 1998:
Well i got rid of the Checker game. I don't know if anyone was using it but every time I tried to use it with the new version of Netscape, it crashed my machine, and I'm sure AOL users could even see it. So it's gone.
I'm working on a new trivia question, I didn't forget.

September 14, 1998:
Some new records have been added to the Singles and Album discography. Be sure to check them out.

September 10, 1998:
Making changes to the Discography "Singles" page. It will take awhile till it's done but I decided to upload what I had ready.

August 30, 1998:
Just got back from another vacation. Picked up an interesting CD. Jim Stafford "Greatest Hits" on Curb. Outside of the tracks produced by Phil Gernhard and Lobo there are also 2 tracks produced by Kent LaVoie and one is written by Roger LaVoie. This came out in 1995. You might want to check it out.

August 5, 1998:
I changed the Trivia question. This one should be really easy. I hope everyone has noticed that the annoying 'pop-ups' have stopped. I had to place what is called a 'geoguide' on all the pages to eliminate the 'pop-ups', all 185 pages!!! I didn't realize there were that many! But it makes for better viewing.

August 3, 1998:
Check out the Guestbook page for Lobo's response to the Birthday guestbook!! Also there is a bug with the Checker board in the game room. If you download the new Netscape Communicator 4.5, the checker board will not run and may lock up or crash the new version, hopefully with it being a beta version the bug will be fixed for the alpha version.

August 1, 1998:
The Birthday Guest book was a great success!!! Thanks for making it happen!! Just added....a Marquee with the latest LOBO info! Also for your enjoyment, a game room!! Have fun!!! Also in the works, a Factoid page incorporated into the Trivia page and more sound clips!!! and a Photo gallery!!!

July 24, 1998:
Decorated and added music to the site for LOBO's birthday. It may take alittle longer for the main page to load because of the music. After LOBO's birthday the music and graphic will be moved to a special LOBO Birthday guest book. So don't forget to put your message to LOBO in the guest book. Things in the works are, more sound clips (if you want anything special, email me), a factoid page with blurbs on where some of the ideas came from for some of Lobo's songs, and a LOBO photo gallery.
I'd like to apologize to everyone for the annoying "pop-up" windows that have been plaguing the site. I have no control over this, it's the price you pay for free web space.

July 7, 1998:
Been on vacation for awhile. No changes will be made to the Back Bay till late July or early August. Will probably make changes to the Trivia page and add more sound clips.
Hope everyone has a great summer. 

June 19, 1998:
Changed the Trivia question. Also since Geocities has put their little watermark on all the pages they've allowed me to remove the little links at the bottom of every page. So I'm doing that. Other than that it's been pretty quiet in the Back Bay. I now have 11 mb of web space so look for more sound clips in the Juke Box soon. Maybe even a picture gallery if I can get some good pics. 

June 9, 1998:
For anyone who still needs the Ponycanyon CD's. On the links page check out "CD Asia", they now have all of them available! 

June 8, 1998:
Changed the trivia question. This should be easy. Have fun. 

June 2, 1998:
Added a new page to the discography. A Lobo Records Label discography. It's by no means complete and if anyone has any additions, please let me know. 

May 24, 1998:
Well the Quizlet box still doesn't work for AOL users. Sorry, it's on to plan be. With in the next week I hope to have a Trivia page that will work for everyone. It'll take me alittle time to think it out, but I have most of it worked out, after a few test runs I should have it online in a week. Also check out the 'Links' page. A CD shop called 'CD Asia' can get Lobo's Ponycanyon CD's. So far they have "You Must Remember" "Instrumental" and "Sometimes". Hope everyone has a good holiday! 

May 23, 1998:
Made some changes to the Trivia page. Now hopefully the AOL users will see the Quizlet box. Keep you fingers crossed. If this doesn't work it's Plan 'B' next :-). I also added a few things to the Rarities page. I added some TV appearances. Also made a few changes to the 'About' page and added some new sound clips to the 'Juke Box'. 

May 18, 1998:
Made some cosmetic changes to a few pages and moved the Trivia Quizlet to it's own page. 

May 11, 1998:
Corrected a song title in the discography. 

May 8, 1998:
Some more tracks have been added to the 'Rare Tracks' page. Plus some more lyrics have been added to the lyrics page. More will be added later. 

May 6, 1998:
Check out the Lobo Trivia game on the opening page!!! 

May 5, 1998:
Added a new page to the discography. Rare Tracks. This page will probably be changed as I don't like the format but wanted to get the information out there.
Speaking of format. I was going to go with another Web Board because the one I'm using automatically deletes old entries. I have no control over this. But I could find any Web Boards with the same type format as the one I'm using. So it will stay the way it is for now. My suggestion. If you want to post a message on the board but want it to be around for more than a month, also post it in the guest book. This I do have control over. 

May 2, 1998:
Added some new sound clips and removed a few old ones. 

May 1, 1998:
I updated the biography page. 

April 27, 1998:
More lyrics have been added. 

April 23, 1998:
Made changes to the chat room. Will start using the new chat. The old Java chat is still accessible for now, but will probably be removed. Let me know how you like the new chat. 

April 21, 1998:
I added more lyrics. 

April 20, 1998:
Another album has been added to the discography! I think the discography is as close as it's going to get to being complete, except for various best of and hits albums. If anyone has any additions to the discography, please let me know. I am also working on a Rarities page, when it's done it will be found in the discography section. 

April 17, 1998:
More CD's have been added to the discography, all of Lobo's Big Tree CD's are now available on CD! Calumet includes bonus tracks! An early demo of "Stoney" with an additional verse and 2 previously unissued songs! Check out the discography! 

April 8, 1998:
More lyrics have been added to the lyrics page. The discography has been updated to show the added lyrics. I almost forgot about those links. Keep you eye on the discography page. A rarities page is in the works. While researching the publisher and song writers for the song on "You Must Remember This" I came across some Lobo songs that were never recorded by Lobo. Some dating back to the 70's! They were published but never recorded. I also found a number of songs Lobo wrote that were recorded by other artist. The rarities page is in the works. If anyone has any additions to the discography or any rarities let me know. 

April 7, 1998:
Check out the Lyric page, some more lyrics have been added.

April 5, 1998:
Some more sound clips have been added. More clips from the Ponycanyon releases and some clips from the "Come With Me" LP. 

April 2, 1998:
Check out the links page! More online CD's shops have been added that sell Lobo imports!

March 26, 1998:
Additions made to the discography. Added CD and Laser Video Disc.

March 12, 1998:
As most know who have been coming to this web site, Lobo's record label Ponycanyon has closed shop leaving Lobo without a recording contract. Chances of new releases are slim. It's said that Lobo has retired to his home in Florida. Let's hope it's a short retirement and he finds a new label and starts recording some new material.

March 11, 1998:
A chat room has been added to the web site. It's a java chat room so your browser must support java. Most do, but their are a few left out there that don't. Enjoy! Hope to see you at "The Back Bays" Chat Room!

February 26, 1998:
Some more lyrics have been added!

February 25, 1998:
Some new lyrics have been added to the lyric page.

February 20, 1998:
On the link s page you will now find Internet sites that offer Lobo records. As I find new sources for buying Lobo records and CD's I will post them on the links page. I also found a midi for "I'd Love You To Want Me". You can find it on the Juke Box page!

January 24, 1998:
The Back Bay has a new look. I never liked the opening page and when I changed it I decided to tweak the rest of them. Hope you like them.

January 4, 1998:
A Bulletin Board has now been added to the web site! Here you can post messages, want lists, opinions on Lobo's music. any topic about Lobo you want.

December 28, 1997:
We have changed the Booking page to "Fan Mail Info" page. We can now accept fan email for Lobo at the Back Bay and forward it on to Lobo's management who will pass it on to Lobo! So send your fan mail today!
Also we have found a midi for "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo"! This can be found on the "Juke Box" page!

December 11, 1997:
The Lyrics page is now completed. All of Lobo's lyrics are now posted. The only lyrics missing are the songs written by other writers. I don't have permission to post these but if I find links to pages that do post them, I will link them in.

November 24, 1997:
Just added....the Juke Box page! Hear sound clips from Lobo's CD's.

November 16, 1997:
We are currently in the process of adding lyrics to the web site. They can be found on the Discography page. Or for Frames supported browser's there is a Lyric Page done in frames, some browser's may not support this format. It was designed to work with Netscape and may not function properly in MS Explorer.