What's this site all about?

Why a web site for the singer Lobo called "The Back Bay"?

I've been a big fan and collector of Lobo since the 70's. He's always been one of my favorites. I bought all of his records, but in the late 70's when his popularity faded his music got harder to find. His 1976 album was only released in Europe, which I didn't find out about until the 90's. When he started showing up on the country charts in the 80's on his own label, it didn't get much easier finding his records. Sure they were going up the charts, some making the top 30, but you still couldn't find them in the stores. Special order was the only way to get them. Then he moved to the Evergreen label and even special order didn't work. I had to telephone the label and the secretary was kind enough to send me his new releases. In the late 80's I heard he retired. It wasn't until the summer of 1997 that I learned he was recording with a record label out of Singapore called Ponycanyon. Again, the only way I could get these albums was to order them directly from the record label, after trying countless import record shops on the internet.
I searched and searched the internet trying to find info on Lobo and found very little. So, being the devoted fan I am, decided to put this site out here in hopes that other Lobo fans like me can get all the information they need.
Why call it "The Back Bay"? This is a track off the 1994 cd "Asian Moon". Of all the new album tracks, this is my favorite. So I named this web site after it.
Since putting this site online the response from the Lobo fans has been great. I want to thank everyone for all of their praise for this site and for the contributions, especially Tim Belet, and BS Lee my Malaysia Connection. With the help from fans all over the world I decided to change the name of the web page from "The Back Bay - The Unofficial Lobo Web Page" to "The Back Bay - The Fans Of Lobo Web Page". Lobo has been to this web site and was pleased with what I've done. I'd like to thank Lobo his cooperation and support. None of this would be if not for that. In 2000 I had the privilege of meeting Lobo. He has declared this the official Lobo web site. I'll continue working with Lobo and the FANS to make this the most accurate and up to date Lobo web site.
The Back Bay now has it's own internet address "www.fansoflobo.com" or "fansoflobo.com". Thanks to the support all of the fans for helping make this possible.

If you come into this site and are a Lobo fan, please email me.
Thank you for stopping by.