written by Lobo
I was a inexperienced boy who just turned fifteen
She was a worldly woman exactly my same age
And I had heard the stories going around about her
Ah what I heard put my young blood into a rage

So I asked to take her out one Friday evening
Scared to death I'd find what I was looking for
And when she got into my car She sat close to me
Then reached right out and firmly locked my door

My first time
Going through my mind
Was this is my first time
My first time
Please be kind this is my first time

Then she suggested we drive out somewhere into the country
Then she suggested we climb into the back seat
But when she asked how long I thought that I could last there
Ah I had to confess it was all over for me

You see this is my first time
I was so blind
This is my first time
My first time
You were so kind
My first time

My first time
It was so fine
My first time

copyright 1976
Boo Music