Lobo Reviews

INTRODUCING LOBO / Introducing Lobo
Producer(s): none listed 
Big Tree BTS 2003 
Originally reviewed for week ending 6/5/71 

Big Tree's first million seller, Lobo's "Me and You and a Dog
Named Boo," made top 5 on the Hot 100 and No. 1 on the
Easy Listening Chart. The group's first LP extends the gentle
rock round, with such listenable cuts as "We'll Make It--I
Know We Will," "A Little Different," "Reaching Out for
Someone," "She Didn't Do Magic" as well as the song that
started it all. 

(taken from Billboard Magazine)
LOBO / Calumet 
Producer(s): none listed 
Big Tree BT 2101 (Bell) 
Originally reviewed for week ending 6/16/73 

A well-done, commercial effort from the artist who rarely
misses on the charts. Lobo manages to write and sing music
applicable to all types of audiences, particularly MOR and
rock. His songs are personal but still reach the listener, which is
unusual among today's breed of laid back artists. Probably his
most well rounded set to date, with the usual excellent
production from Phil Gernhard. Best cuts: "Stoney," "Rock
and Roll Days," "Goodbye is Just Another Word." Dealers:
Display in MOR and rock, and keep an eye on the singles
charts. Lobo is usually high on them.

(taken from Billboard Magazine)
LOBO / Just A Singer 
Producer(s): none listed 
Big Tree BT 89501. (Atlantic) 
Originally reviewed for week ending 6/1/74 

One of the more talented singer/songwriters on today's music
scene turns his full attention here to the material of other top
writers. Usual melodic vocals and fine, soft instrumentals
characterize the set which is basically a grouping of 10 potential
singles. Strings compliment the heavily acoustically oriented
cuts, which range from rock/easy listening favorites to a few
rock oriented cuts to folky material. Should get wide FM and
MOR play, and should make some who have taken Lobo for
nothing more than an AM hitmaker sit up and take notice. Best
cuts: "Rings," "Daydream Believer," "Universal Soldier."
Dealers: Lobo has a strong reputation and is a proven seller.
Cover drawing makes for good wall display.

(taken from Billboard magazine)
THE BEST OF LOBO / The Best Of Lobo 
Producer(s): none listed 
Big Tree BT 89513 (Atlantic) 
Originally reviewed for week ending 12/13/75 

One of the better AM-pop singers and songwriters of the past
several years gets a fine showcase here, as this year's never
ending parade of greatest hits goes on. Best cuts: "Me And You
And A Dog Named Boo," "I'd Love You To Want Me," "How
Can I Tell Her." 

(taken from Billboard magazine)
LOBO / Lobo 
Producer(s): Bob Montgomery 
Originally reviewed for week ending 11/17/79 

Lobo's latest for Mike Curb Productions is highlighted by his
recent single "Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love."
The rest of the album is pretty much in that pleasant, gentle
MOR vein, though several of the tracks are peppered by sax
breaks and sexy female backup vocals. The cover art of a wolf
makes this look like shlock product, but the contents are fine
crafts-manlike pop. Best cuts: the 45 plus "A Day In The Life
Of A Love," "Gus, The Dancing Dog."

(taken from Billboard magazine)