written by Alex Harvey / Eddie Reeves
Ring ring telephone rings
Somebody says baby what you doin'
I've been wonderin' where you've been
Now and then I think about you and me

There's no use fighting about things
We can't recall
Cos it don't matter girl at all

Just come on home
And baby we'll laugh and sing
And we'll make love
And let the telephone ring

Ring ring door bell ring
Baby come on in 
I got the Allman Brothers on the stereo

I'm glad you came around
I've been feeling down
Talking to Tony and Mario

You know they make good conversation
But girl that ain't no consolation
Cos I got love and baby I'll give you some
And if somebody comes we'll let the door bell ring

Ring ring golden ring
Around the sun around your pretty finger
Ring ring voices ring
With a happy tune anybody can be a singer

The sun comes up across the city
I swear you never looked so
Dog gone pretty

Hand in hand
We'll stand upon the sand
With the preacher man
And let the wedding bell ring


(as recorded by Lobo)