written by Dick Holler
Going to San Francisco
To live my life away
Had to search for 15 years 
To crash for just a day

I needed my revival
But I guess it never came
You know the summer brought the winter
And they both forgot my name

Reaching out for someone
Tell me what more can I say
Are you going my way

Wasted in Sausalito
A revelation came
I guess I could make it
But I won't play the game

Great God Almighty's gone
And he never even cried
And if you don't believe me
Then I want you by my side

Traveling on this mountain
I'll tell you what I see
I thought I saw Methuselah
Coming on down to me

Well I looked right up the rail road line
And I hear the rumblin' roar
I reached down in my pocket
And feel nothing anymore

Stonehenge Music

(as recorded by Lobo)