(Billy Aerts / Kent LaVoie)

I put my arm around her, we're just walking
That's not the kind of thing I usually do
It seems I want to hold her hand, we're just talking
Something I never did with you
I need to feel her heart beating, just to know I am alive
I need to feel that she won't leave me, just so I can survive

Till I can't feel you anymore
Till I don't look up and see your face, in an empty door
Till I don't get in my bed, with you still in my head
I have to feel that she's the answer, to what I've been looking for
Till I can't feel you anymore

I know the reason now why, you chose to leave me
But I'm not sure you understand
The thought I let our love die, lives to grieve me
I'm getting by, the best I can
I can't say that I'm not fond of her, I know she'll see me through
I think that I could even love her, if I could just unlove you

(Aerts Songs / Boo Music)