written by Kent LaVoie
I got me a girl on the other side of Big River
And you know that every night time I have to be with her
There's only one bridge across Big River
And it's a problem to me
I got to give the man a nickel and a quarter
And that's a fortune to me

Toll Road, T'sa toll road

For a poor hard workin' boy like me it seems funny
That every time I want lovin' I've got to pay money
I've got to take something down to the pawn shop man
And get less than it's worth
I don't mind the nickels
It's the quarters that hurt

Toll road, t'sa toll road
I got to spend my money to see my baby
Got to get me a ticket at the little station
Toll road, t'sa toll road

copyright 1971
 Famous Music / Kaiser Music