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Ernie Clark - 11/19/00 01:47:06
My Email:clarke@iserv.net
Where from: Battle Creek
Favorite Lobo Album: all!
Favorite Lobo Song: There Ain't No Way
Hello to all Lobo fans out there! This is one of the best web sites I've ever seen.I was amazed to find out how many records Lobo has released between the late 70's and now.I hope to hear them all eventually.Lobo,if you see this thanks for all the great tunes,keep up the great work!

Nina - 11/11/00 12:18:14
Where from: California
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd love you to want me
He's the best!

Melissa - 11/11/00 12:16:25
My Email:lissa_hardi@yahoo.com
Where from: Indonesia
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd Want You To Love Me
Lobo is one of my favourite singers & he's just the best!

debbie - 11/03/00 23:55:49
My Email:debbiel@humboldt1.com
Where from: McKinleyville, Ca
Favorite Lobo Song: Don't Expect me to be Your Friend
I can't beleive I found a LOBO site. I love him!

Richard Pennington - 10/24/00 17:50:46
My Email:stream91@hotmail.com
Where from: Kentucky
Favorite Lobo Song: A Simple Man
You were always one of my favorites

Fred DRoper - 10/24/00 00:41:10
My URL:fdr4600@aol.com
My Email:fdr4600@aol.com
Where from: Canada
Favorite Lobo Song: Id love you to want me
I,m a collector of your songs oly on 45s on the pink and white big tree labal pressed in canada by quality records did you ever press an pitcher vynal records of your group very interested i also have the single dont expect me to be you freind and it is an original when it was first play plus i have a test pressing these are so valuble to me I,m from pickering ontario a small city near toronto ontario canada

Tina Yang - 10/12/00 03:09:32
My Email:tinayang@pacbell.net
Where from: Redwood City, CA
Favorite Lobo Album: The best of Lobo
Favorite Lobo Song: It sure took a long long time
I am very grateful to this complete site for all the information I need. Lobo is the only singer I will never be tired of listening to. There is a certain delicacy in his voice and music that truly touches one's heart.

Ron Hadley - 10/05/00 14:28:20
My Email:tacnukeman@aol.com
Where from: Maryland
Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man
Favorite Lobo Song: A Big Red Kite
I just located this site while searching for Lobo's albmum and CDs. Incredibl!!! Kent's music has special meaning for me since I was in high school during the peak of his success in the '70's. I'll always remember camping out in Florida and singing "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" on our outings. Does anyone know where I can obtain the gold greatest hits CD by Rhino? Thanks, Ron

Sachit Ram Chalise - 09/30/00 12:43:40
My Email:sachitgd@hotmail.com
Where from: KTM, NEPAL
Favorite Lobo Album: Am I Going Crazy
Favorite Lobo Song: Growing Pains
There are just few singers whom I like most. Among them Lobo is my favorite singer.

Suman - 09/24/00 04:06:52
My Email:sumanrt@wlink.com.np
Where from: Nepal
Favorite Lobo Album: All of them
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd love you to want me
I have been a faithful fan of LOBO since last 15years.I am learning to play guitar so I was searching for some Lobo lyrics with guitar chords. Wow was I lucky...I found this site. It was great. Pity you dont have more lyrics with chords. Anyway great site for LOBO fans....keep it up.SUMAN

Don - 09/09/00 08:45:56
My Email:mcp@gscyclone.com
Where from: Littlestown. Pa.
Favorite Lobo Album: A Simple Man
Favorite Lobo Song: How can I tell her about you
GREAT SITE! I have been a Lobo fan for 30 years. Still got some of the old 8-track tapes I bought as a kid, and they still play believe it or not. Love your music and songs man, keep up the work. Looking forward to your new albums. Thanks!

Dennis - 08/23/00 21:27:44
My Email:marcusbaby5@webtv.net
Where from: St. Paul, MN usa
Favorite Lobo Album: Rhino - Best of Lobo
Favorite Lobo Song: There aint no way
This is really an excellent site. My compliments to all of those involved. I have been a Lobo fan for over 25 years and wore out the old LPs. I loved the Calumet album. Be sure to check out the Rhino collection. It is by far the best CD of Lobo in te ms of sound and breadth. Anyone who wishes to discuss more about Lobo please feel free to email me. By the way I am not too far from a dog named Boo near the wheat fields of St. Paul.

Thomas - 08/22/00 23:55:47
My Email:buggs@start.no
Where from: Norway,Scandinavia.
Favorite Lobo Album: Just a singer.
Favorite Lobo Song: You're all I ever need.
Lobo's music is great because it is straight and relaxing. Some songs are sad and some are uplift- ing. So far it has'nt been easy to get your CD's here in Norway, but I'm lucky to have a sister in Boston to visit. I bought your The best of there, and that really made my day!! I hope for the future to get your older albums on CD some day, maybe as a box-set, or something. I also like lyrics because it's easy to sing along.

micael - 08/02/00 06:41:52
My Email:proteamjs@netscape.net
Where from: melbourne australia
Favorite Lobo Album: all
Favorite Lobo Song: all
it was good to find this page and to read and see where lobo was at. thak you for doing it

Leigh Costard - 08/01/00 01:10:09
My Email:TheGabriels@home.com
Where from: Ontario, Canada
Favorite Lobo Album: "The Best Of" has a wounderful collection
Favorite Lobo Song: "Simple Man" and "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Freind" but I truely love them all, every single one
Lobo is the best song writer I know. Nobody can put words together the way he does. It truly is amazing that someone can be so gifted, to leave the inpact on his lisners the way he does. Every time I lisen to Lobo,every song brings back so many memories. feel conected to every song. Leigh.

Eng Seng - 07/31/00 05:50:55
My Email:engseng@mailcity
Where from: Malaysia
Favorite Lobo Album: Almost all of them
Favorite Lobo Song: Too many to be counted
Hi everybody, greetings from Malaysia. I'm a big fan of Lobo as well and have loved his songs since way back in the 70's. Sam, you're doing a great job with Backbay-keep up the good work ! Well done !!!! Before I sign off, many happy returns of the day to Lobo and may this special day of yours be happy, bright and wonderful every minute of it - and here's wishing you many more to come. We fans love you, remember that always, okay ? All the best with yo r Christmas album - can't wait to lay my hands on it ! I'm sure it's going to sell well. Well, gotta sign off. Cheers to everyone. - Eng Seng(31July,2000)

Hirva - 07/27/00 13:36:30
My Email:ht@telco.co.in
Where from: Mumbai, INDIA
Favorite Lobo Album: The best of Lobo
Favorite Lobo Song: How can I tell her about ..
He is really amazing ! The first time I heard his song was when I was 16. But it is extremely difficult to get hold of his audio casette here in India. most of the time it is off the shelf.

van - 07/13/00 16:40:41
My Email:ugliestvan@yahoo.com
It's difficult for me to say which is my favorite Lobo's song for I enjoy them all. I would like to know if and when will Lobo have a concert or tour in Los Angeles. I REALLY would like to attend one as many of my friends as well. This is my first time l nking to Lobo's fan site and hope to hear from somebody. Thank you.

mikhaella mae espina - 07/11/00 07:40:14
My Email:mahalay@usa.net
Where from: manila, philippines
Favorite Lobo Song: how can i tell her about you
this is my first time to visit a website of a great artist, it was really great. I really love the song so i look for its lyrics. Hope you enlarge the font of the title of the songs in the list so it will be more easy to browse. KUdos to everybody!!!

Carla Duncan - 07/09/00 03:12:22
My Email:rod1carla@msn.com
Where from: Eagle River, Alaska
Favorite Lobo Song: I'd love you to want me
Bought the Best of Lobo today and it brought so many memories. I really love his music.

sahri armstrong - 07/08/00 02:19:36
My Email:----
Where from: new zealand
Favorite Lobo Album: simple man
Favorite Lobo Song: me and you and a dog named boo
I lke lobo becouse my dad (tim armstrong) likes him so when he goes on the internet and looks up "lobo" he makes me look at it and thats how I started to like lobo.

Dean Grein - 07/05/00 19:11:32
My Email:DeanoG@Webtv.net
Where from: Ocen Springs, MS
Favorite Lobo Album: "Cowboy Afraid of Horses"
Favorite Lobo Song: Morning Sun
I hear there is supposed to be a new album called "Sometimes", and it was made in Nashville. Anybody else heard this?? Dean Grein

sheldon - 07/03/00 03:49:51
My Email:kemasher@escape.ca
Where from: winnipeg
I love this site

tony - 06/22/00 06:10:25
My Email:bbelskis@aol.com
Where from: lakeland,fl.
Favorite Lobo Album: all
Favorite Lobo Song: dont expect me
did a bunch of lobo songs in a group over the years.now doing a cd in winterhaven fl. with my daughter produced by randy farrel. the guys all know and respect kent lavoie. tony

Raghu Ganesh - 06/21/00 10:33:25
My Email:krg@ausi.com
Where from: India
Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo 2
Favorite Lobo Song: Good night's just another word
Wonderful piece of work u guys 've done.The designing of the site,the navigation,content eveything is simply amazing.All that i was searching for on lobo,i got it here.In short,an awesome one stop shop for info on "LOBO".

Paula - 06/18/00 02:15:08
My Email:kellyeg@door.net
Where from: Texas
Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo
Favorite Lobo Song: Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend
I think you have a great website. I can't wait to find out where I can purchase his new CD. I grew up in the 70's and listened to his songs all the time. I also like his song Simple Man and I Love You to Want Me.

Jose Bezerra - 06/05/00 19:13:27
My Email:bezerra@hotmail.com
Where from: Brazil
Favorite Lobo Album: I dont know Lobos Album in Brazil.
Favorite Lobo Song: Id love you to want me
The first time Ive listened the hit " Id love you to want me " , I was almost a children . It was in 1972 or 73 . Since that time I cant forget that song . And believe me , a lot of brazilians , too . That song still plays nowadays in the radios arou d my country. You`ve done a good page . Congratulations.

Donna Fotovich - 06/03/00 22:24:07
My Email:donnafotovich@hotmail.com
Where from: Kansas City, Kansas
Favorite Lobo Song: Don't Expect for me to be your Friend
I've always loved Lobo, and am going to try to find greatest hits. I can't wait for a new 2000 release. Why doesn't he tour?

Krishan Raman - 05/28/00 20:04:53
My Email:kraman@hotmail.com
Where from: India (Now in the US)
Favorite Lobo Album: The best of Lobo
Favorite Lobo Song: Me and U & a dog named Boo
It is a wonderful feeling to be able to stay in touch woth the latest hapenings with Lobo ans his fans around the globe. There is no better thing than sharing common interests in music. Lobo's music is great and thanks for putting on this website to bring all Lobo fans together. Thanks Lobo and thanks Sam & Kathy.

Alan Colglazier - 05/18/00 17:28:00
My Email:bamabacker2@aol.com
Where from: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Favorite Lobo Song: Don't Tell Me Goodnight
I have been a Lobo fan since 1971 and still listen to his music alot. My lifes dream is to meet the man that has influenced all aspect of my life, relationships and my songwriting skills. He recorded Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love right here in Muscle Shoals at Fame Recording Studio. I did not get to see him while he was here and that may have been the best and only chance I had since I had musical connections with this studio. I have regreted it every day. This man is a songwriting genius. If y u are a true fan, then only you can really appreciate what his music stands for. Love