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Bear4Dutch - 07/08/98 04:20:41
My Email:Bear4Dutch@aol.com
Where From: Denver, Colorado
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

Kent- I have enjoyed your music though out the years and I hope you keep on serenading us with it!!!- Happy Birthday July 31- Darrell

Rick - 07/08/98 13:46:11
My Email:rmannor@michweb.net
Where From: Michigan
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

Kent (Lobo) - I have always connected with your music. You have a wonderful ability to convey emotions ranging from giddy happiness to dark despair. Thank you for sharing that gift with the world. I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Dean Grein - 07/21/98 02:12:35
My Email:DeanoG@webtv.net
Where From: Ocean Springs, MS
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of a Simple Man

I would like to wish Lobo a Happy Birthday wish wherever he may be!! Maybe someday you will tour again and give a lot people a chance to hear your music!! Once again have a happy birthday and thanks for the memories

Suman K. Manandhar - 07/23/98 06:17:46
My URL:http://www.rcc.ait.ac.th/staff/suman/
My Email:suman@ait.ac.th
Where From: Bangkok, Thailand
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo

Hi, I wish you a very happy time on your birthday. The day you were born must be a special one as you have given us such sweet music. We all expect much more clean and homely music from you, as always. And, before I forget, I want to say thank you for your songs and sharing them with all of us. Have a great day!! -- Suman K. Manandhar

Arthur Koedam - 07/23/98 09:08:04
My Email:a.koedam@elsevier.nl
Where From: The Hague, Netherlands

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Lobo a very happy birthday from Holland! Ever since "Boo" I have enjoyed listening to his albums. For close to 30 years I have admired his songs, both from a music & text point of view. It was a nice surprise o discover the Poneycanyon CDs (Thank you, Sam! Grand home page, by the way.) after a period of silence and I hope and trust that Lobo will continue writing and singing for many years to come.

Doug - 07/24/98 06:12:48
My Email:D1970TUNES@aol.com
Where From: Iowa
My Favorite Lobo Album: A Simple Man

Kent, I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for your contribution to a very wonderful childhood filled with great tunes in the early 70's. You are the very first artist I purchased more than one record by ("..Dog Named Boo" and "She D idn't Do Magic")with my hard-earned allowance. These songs really have withstood the test of time and mean so very much to me. Although I know I can never meet one of my heroes, it gives me equal satisfaction to know that you are reading these words and hopefully knowing how much you have touched the world through your songs. Peace to you always, Doug

Sam Vetovich (BackBay) - 07/24/98 19:47:34
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/6102
My Email:backbay@sunlink.net
Where From: Pennsylvania
My Favorite Lobo Album: right now, "You Must Remember This"

Kent, Just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for your music and recently your co-operation (and friendship), on doing this web site! It's not everyday one gets to meet (even if only by email) one of his all time favorite singer/songwriters!! your music has had a big impact on my life since '72 when "I'd Love You To Want Me" came out. Thank you and I hope you have a great birthday!!!!!!

Nev & Lee Cousins - 07/26/98 06:40:30
My Email:earleys@bigpond.Com.au
Where From: Australia
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

Happy Birthday on the 31st-Will have a few drinks or two-HIC!!!!! Have a great one!!!!! When are you touring "Down Under"??????

César Maureria - 07/26/98 20:34:39
My Email:maureria@online.no
Where From: Norway
My Favorite Lobo Album: Sometimes, Dream lover and No secrets

Hi Ken; Congratulation on your BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe that I can write these words to you. I don't know how to express my feeling, but your are like a member of my family with your music you have touched my heart in the bad and the good moments of my life ( I can't forget your mother without her we hadn't had your music) Sarita Olivia and César Andrés they are my children, they are 6 and 4 year old, they love your music too and wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (Thank you Sam to make my dreams come true you have a wonderful web site)

Diane - 07/27/98 15:53:42
My Email:ShadowWysp@aol.com
Where From: Las Vegas, Nevada
My Favorite Lobo Album: All

Hi Lobo... I want to wish you the very best on your birthday and many, many more to come! Your beautiful voice and wonderful talent have brought so much joy to others, young and old, over the years, and I thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. I introduced your music to everyone I knew because I wanted them to experience the joy that I did through your special gifts. Take care and may God always Bless You and Yours. Again, Happy Birthday, Lobo!!

Luc Verbraecken - 07/27/98 22:42:21
My Email:verbraecken.luc@village.uunet.be
Where From: Belgium

To lobo... Happy Birthday From Belgie.  I hope you have a fine day on your birthday and thanks for all the great songs you make. We hope you come to europe some day - WITH LOVE .LUC 

Tim Belet - 07/29/98 00:20:37
My Email:tbelet@aol.com
Where From: Maryland
My Favorite Lobo Album: Cowboy Afraid of Horses

Lobo, thank you for your contributions to the soundtrack of my life and for the many hours of joy I
spent playing your music on my guitar. Happy Birthday, enjoy YOUR day! 

Roberto Domiencio - 07/29/98 01:51:18
My Email:domienc@cesar.unicamp.br
Where From: Campinas - Sao Paulo - Brazil
My Favorite Lobo Album: Greatest Hits

Lobo, may the Lord Jesus Christ brings His blessings on you and on your whole family. I wish you
very Happy Birthday, full of joy, and in His unique and real Peace, may your salvation be already and
forever granted. When the time is come, I wish we will meet in God's Kingdom (if not here on earth
when you hear my own songs in English). May the Lord's love fill your heart completely. Once again:

Ann Alm - 07/29/98 04:58:54
My Email:acal@f.lst.se
Where From: Sweden
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

LOBO! I´m sending you my deepest congratulations on your birthday! Greetings from one of your
biggest fan in Sweden back in the seventieth (we haven´t heard any music from you since then) but I´m
still playing those old records now and then. 

Dick Schatz - 07/29/98 06:48:24
My Email:Schatzfam@aol.com
Where From: Abington, Massachusetts
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of a Simple Man and Asian Moon

Happy Birthday Kent! I've been a big fan ever since "It Sure Took a Long Time." I collected all your
albums in the seventies, except for "Introducing Lobo" which I only managed to procure a few years
ago. I thought my collection was (reasonably) complete until I visited the web and found out about the
PonyCanyon cds. Needless to say, I had to have them, and after some calls to Malaysia and
Singapore (and some help from friends on the web), I managed to ge four of them (only missing the
instrumental). In fact, I am listening to Asian Moon (on my computer) as I type this. Ain't technology
great! It was a great pleasure to actually see and meet you a few years ago at the Zanzibar nightclub in Boston. You were very gracious in autographing my "Greatest Hits" cd (although you hated the cover photo). It's hard to describe the impact of your music on me, but I never tire listening and trying to sing along. I used to sing some of your songs as lullabyes to my daughter, and consequently, she is
probably one of your few 13 year old fans (at least in the .S.) Once again, Happy Birthday, and many
more to come. Dick Schatz (Schatzfam@aol.com) 

SHANE - 07/29/98 11:41:25
My Email:shane@omen.com.au
Where From: Perth, Australia

Happy birthday from over in Australia. I have been a fan for many years and have only just discovered your music on the internet in the last moth after many years of searching. Have a great day and hope to see you in Perth, Australia one day. And if you do come out you are invited over to my house for a

Jim Smith - 07/30/98 05:57:06
My Email:jnsmith@gowebway.com
Where From: Shoreline, WA
My Favorite Lobo Album: All of them

Happy Birthday to you, Lobo. I hope you have many more! Thanks for all the great music - I've really enjoyed it all. I hope to hear some new music from you in the future - preferably the near future. Take

Glenn - 07/30/98 06:16:10
My Email:GlennEye@aol.com
Where From: Baltimore, MD
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

Dear Lobo, Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday! Your music and lyrics have meant so much to
me, have given me so much pleasure and affected my life in so many ways, that it's difficult to describe
in this short space. Probably more important, at least to me, was your persona. When I was a
sensitive, sh and introverted teenager in the 70's, I had no role model anywhere that could tell me I
was alright, that these qualities were alright. Then you came along, wearing your heart on your sleeve;
your vulnerability, shyness, and sensitivity were right out th re for the world to see. I was amazed,
captivated, and delighted. Through your music, your lyrics, your beautiful singing voice, and the cover
photo of "Of A Simple Man," you taught me that a man could be sensitive and still be a man. I began
to accept an even like myself. And strangely enough, right about then, girls began to notice me, too! A
side benefit I never expected. I'm seriously not sure that I would have made through my teenage years
without you. I can tell you for absolutely sure that you helped make my teenage years a whole lot
better! So thank you, Lobo. Thanks for the incredible music and most of all thanks for just being you.
I missed you when you backed out of the music industry for awhile after the "Cowboy Afraid of
Horses" album, but I understood, because, of course, every single eason you did that was clearly and
openly expressed on the "Cowboy" album! But I'm really glad to see you back, recording whole
albums and writing new songs. I really hope to see you in person someday. I've been wanting to write
you for years and tell you all of this stuff. Thanks to Sam I have an irresistable opportunity to do so.
And though these messages are very personal from me to you, I don't mind posting them here. After
all, we're all Lobo fans ere, and we all love you. Happy Birthday! Glenn Isaacson

 Kathy - 07/30/98 17:01:37
My Email:kathy_vetovich@idx.com
Where From: Shamokin,PA
My Favorite Lobo Album: Various

Happy Birthday! I'm Sam's wife and just wanted to get my congratulations in here as well. I also
wanted to add my feelings about how much your music has impacted our lives. When we first met I
swore that he had hired someone to write songs for him beca se your songs were soooo
representative of what was going on with us. Thank you for your contributions to so many people!!!

Delise Joubert - 07/30/98 22:00:41
My Email:swift@futurenet.co.za
Where From: South Africa

Please pass this on to LOBO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA. Hope it is a great
day for you. Best Wishes from Delise