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Vickie - 03/20/99 18:19:13
My Email:bart@starpoint.net
Where From: Minnesota
My Favorite Lobo Album: Lobo: Greatest Hits

It is hard to find your CD's. I have only been able to purchase this one. I would still like to find more. I especially would like to find one with "A simple Man" and "Rings". I used to have albumns of yours, but they got damaged. I just found this CD recently, and I can't quit playing it. Please let me know how I can find more of your CD's.

Johan - 03/12/99 14:10:57
My Email:johan.holmstrand@alfredberg.se
Where From: Stockholm, Sweden
My Favorite Lobo Album: The best of Lobo

Hi, Nice site You got there. I like Lobo a lot but it's not easy to find CDs over here. I only have one yet. But my cousin got some old vinyls in the basement and I get tapes from him. Have nice day!

K. Robillard - 03/11/99 16:44:58
My Email:Krobil4841@aol.com
Where From: Baton Rouge, La


Gracious D'costa - 03/03/99 09:19:14
My Email:gracious_dcosta@hotmail.com
Where From: Bombay, India
My Favorite Lobo Album: Favorite Song : Me and You and a Dog named Boo.

Hi There, Got your site address from a friend and am i suprised, Your site is well layed out and easy to access. It great to know that Lobo has so many albums to his name, I hope to get some more. Thanks for the Info. And should lobo happen to come accross this message, I'd like to say this to him "I heard Me and You and a dog named Boo a couple of years back. It took me just one song to get hooked.Your music is fab. I'll end with the words form an ABBA song..."Thankyo for the music, the songs your singing. Thanks for all the joy you bring in......".

Eurico Rodrigues - 03/02/99 09:15:00
My Email:eurico_r@hotmail.com
Where From: Bombay, India
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo... Thats the only one i have.

Hi Sam, Thanks for replying to my email, it was great hearing from you. This site is "OUTSTANDING" and I've gone from No Info to Loads of Info thanks to you. Keep up the good work and yes expect a lot many hits from fans down in India (Bombay). And to the man himself... what more can i say that's not already been said "You have sung your way into our hearts, and your there to stay." We Love You.

Stew - 02/22/99 03:25:27
My Email:Wiredawg9@aol.com
Where From: Idaho
My Favorite Lobo Album: A Simple Man

I hope you keep on doing what your doing, whoever is compiling all this. It must take hours and hours looking up things and typing everything. Thanks cause I am loving this, getting the words to all the old songs. Your great, Stew

Bobby J. Poe - 02/21/99 20:50:40
My Email:BoJo1956@aol.com
Where From: Cottondale,Al.
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet, Sometimes, Asian Moon

I would like to invite everyone personally to Ala. May 1 for the 1st annual Lobo fan gathering. I've enjoyed "talking" to others that love real music and to top it off I hope to get to see the faces as well. While I hope Kent and Billy come, to meet other fans and share friendship is enough.

richard haines - 02/02/99 03:17:39
My URL:http://aol.com
My Email:rhaines@aol.com
Where From: tn.
My Favorite Lobo Album: all

cant lokate any!!!

Boniface V Lobo - 01/11/99 23:02:05
My Email:lobs@email.com
Where From: California
My Favorite Lobo Album: All

Excellent. This site offers me more than I expected. I was looking for Lobo's lyrics all over the place and this is a extensive 'ONE STOP' place for it. Thanks a lot for your efforts. I am trying to collect all of Lobo's albums and I could hardly find 3 o them but not many of the songs are included there. I am not able to locate a album which could be found in Asia (like the album name is 'Asian Moon' or 'Bombay moon') here in USA. Could you please give some info on Lobo's albums. Thanks a lot. Boniface V Lobo

Athreya Dassani - 01/05/99 22:31:26
Where From: India
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo

I just lost my entire collection of cassettes which included all of Lobo's. I was feeling a little depressed when I came across your site. I went through all the songs in my mind and now I am feeling better. Thanks to you.

Victor - 12/31/98 18:17:49
My Email:v_tolentino@yahoo.com
Where From: Canada
My Favorite Lobo Album: You're All I Ever Need

Not really sure if this is the same Lobo singer that I admired. If it is, I'm looking for the lyrics of his songs. Thanks.

Miriam - 12/27/98 15:29:11
My Email:miriampm@hotmail.com
Where From: Norway
My Favorite Lobo Album: All of them !!

I am a 16 year old girl from the north of Norway who first discovered Lobo a year ago....And it is the damed best music I`ve ever heard !! This christmas I got one of his CD`s, and I just can`t stop listening to it !! My mom and dad are almost throwing e out of the house......*s* No wonder..... :-) Well, that`s almost all I wanted to say.....Thank You for a great site....and i promise you I`ll spend a lot more time in here from now on !!

- 12/15/98 14:02:36


Ruth Brozzo - 12/14/98 04:06:42
My Email:Lobo1026@aol.com
Where From: Illinois
My Favorite Lobo Album: The best of Lobo

Thank you for the great info into Ronald Kent LaVoie, aka Lobo. I recently rediscovered his music. I listen to it on the way to work, at work, on the way home and when I am on the computer. Got it on right now. lol. I love his music. And now thanks o you, I have insite into his life. His songs come straight from the heart. And his voice can compare to none. Now I can share his life with others. And introduce his music to them. Thank for the opportunity.

The Major - 12/10/98 19:54:34

Nice Site, Prof, The Major

Dean Grein - 12/10/98 02:31:20
My Email:DeanoG@Webtv.net
Where From: Mississippi Gulf Coast
My Favorite Lobo Album: Cowboy Afraid of Horses

I just purchased Lobo's Greatest Hits by Rhino records. It is the 1993 version with 18 tracks. I have almost worn it out!!

lori - 11/29/98 15:14:27
My Email:lori@cybertours.com
Where From: Maine
My Favorite Lobo Album: Love all of them

I've loved Lobo since the very beginning and have been looking for more albums for years. Hope there will be a lot more of them.

Matthew Dryer - 11/29/98 08:31:44
My Email:dryer@acsu.buffalo.edu
Where From: Buffalo, NY, USA
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

I've wondered for years whether Lobo had recorded anything since the 70s, so I was excited to discover this web site tonight and to find out that he has actually done lots, some of it recently. But I am also frustrated that if I'd found this site a year go, I would have been able to buy CDs that are harder to find now. If any of you know of any place one can buy any of his more recent recordings, please let me know and post a message to the guest book too, for any others who are frustrated in trying to ind recent recordings by him.

Larry Dean Hensley - 11/20/98 13:41:05
My Email:LDHensley@webtv.com
Where From: La Grande,Oregon
My Favorite Lobo Album: The Best of Lobo

This is a great site! There sure are a lot of Lobo fans.I really had no idea how many! I thought I was unique.ThanK God,I was wrong! I'm a songwriter/musician myself,and I"ve been a Lobo fan ever since I first heard him.He's a great songwriter and he's go the smoothest voice I've ever heard.I wish I knew his secret.Oh well,I guess there's only one Lobo!

- 11/07/98 05:41:36
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/cgi-bin/homestead/ans_entry
My Email:CROSBYDJ@bigpond.com
Where From: Darwin Northern Territory Australia

I Have Been Searching For The Song Running Deer For About 4 Years And Thanks To You I Now At Least Have The Words To This Song. Thank You Very Much Dean Crosby.

donna - 10/28/98 03:32:45
My Email:dlkholm@aol.com
Where From: minnesota

i just ordered an album by Lobo. really the only 2 songs i remembered of his were DON'T EXPECT ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND and LAST SONG I'LL EVER SING FOR YOU until i visited your site

Mike Freeman - 10/26/98 21:24:26
My Email:freeb ie.tfc@worldnet.att.net
Where From: Round Rock, TX
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

I am trying to find out where to find some Lobo cd's and maybe you can help me.  The albums I am looking for are -- Of a Simple Man / Introducing Lobo ---Just a Singer, a Cowboy afraid of Horses ---Calumet  --- and You Must Remember This -   I can't seem to locate them anywhere and maybe you can help,   Thanks, Mike Freeman freebie.tfc@worldnet.att.net

John Dersham - 10/26/98 05:56:14
My Email:JDersham@Mindspring.com
Where From: Birmingham AL
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

I've been a fan since day one! Please tell me how to get all of Lobo PonyCanyon releases? John

crzy Helen - 10/24/98 10:30:21
My Email:ddon@cwix.com
Where From: the back bay..

Well done...enjoyed

Patrick Hirang - 10/10/98 15:44:55
My URL:http://members.aol.com/phirang/index.html
My Email:PHirang@aol.com
Where From: Seattle, Washington
My Favorite Lobo Album: THE BEST OF LOBO

Hi I'm glad to see that you have a Lobo webpage and find out what he's doing these days! My favorites songs from him are "I Love You To Want Me", "Me and You and A Dog Name Boo", "It Sure Took A Long Long Time", "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend", and " ow Can I Tell Her". Just love those love songs from the 1970's! Keep up the good work. IN MEMORY OF SUZANNE BITTENBINDER JUNE 1, 1965 - SEPTEMBER 2, 1998 SHE'S AN ANGEL AND ALWAYS BE AN ANGEL.

Paul - 10/09/98 12:07:47
My Email:paul.hammond@customs.gov.au
Where From: Western Australia
My Favorite Lobo Album: All of them

Loved all Lobo music since the early 70s. All the songs have some tie in with my experiences. Many tears and laughs had over all the songs played many times (I still have the original tapes from the 70s). Kent, don't ever stop writing and singing......

B.J. - 10/07/98 19:09:36
My Email:bojo1956@aol
Where From: Cottondale,Al.
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet (love them all)

I was very excited to find anything on Lobo on the internet, much less others that liked him too. I learned about several albums I never knew about. I would like to get anything and everything out there on Lobo.

MELODEE - 10/06/98 08:03:59
Where From: UTAH
My Favorite Lobo Album: ALL


Anders Thelin - 10/03/98 11:15:53
My Email:anders.thelin@orebro.mail.telia.com
Where From: Sweden
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of a simple Man

Just found out something that was a big surprise to me. Lobo has co-written, together with Joey Tempest, former singer of Swedish rock band Europe ("The Final Countdown"), two songs for Tempest´s 1996 album "Azalea Place". Two great songs but how unlikely that would have been ten years ago. Tempest´s music is much softer today, more Lobo-ish if there is such a word. - Anders Thelin

Michael R - 10/01/98 02:00:09
Where From: Arvada


Martin Grant - 09/01/98 15:31:11
My Email:Mgrant@hei.com

Hi! I'm looking for Guitar chords to accompany the lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all time, "Me and you and a dog named boo" can any of you Lobo-ites out there please help a lost guitarist?? Thanks!!

Martin Grant - 09/01/98 15:30:56
My Email:Mgrant@hei.com

Hi! I'm looking for chords to accompany the lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all time, "Me and you and a dog named boo" can any of you Lobo-ites out there please help a lost guitarist?? Thanks!!

BackBay - 08/31/98 00:57:00
My Email:backbay@sunlink.net
Where From: Pa
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

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