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Ooi Eng Seng - 07/17/99 05:43:30
My Email:engseng@mailcity
Where From: Malaysia
My Favorite Lobo Album: Almost all of them

Hi everyone ! Just drop by to say hello to all Lobo fans - I'm a great fan myself ! How do I go about sending a brthday message to Lobo for his coming birthday. Thanks and well done. Keep up the good work. Eng Seng

Tina - 07/14/99 15:25:00
My URL:http://www.wwsamuellreunion.com/tinaindx.htm
My Email:tlhouse@gte.net
Where From: Euless, TX


Nickey Mashburn - 07/01/99 02:55:57
My Email:nickeym@cajunnet.com
Where From: Houma, La.
My Favorite Lobo Album: A Cowboy Afraid of Horses

This is a great site. I have been a LOBO follower since the early 70's. His songs have always come at the right time to describe events happening in my life. His songs were so heart felt and sincere. I would love to be able to meet him one day, just to tell him how much his songs have meant to me.

Perri Hamilton - 06/28/99 16:40:40
My Email:phamilton@mail.holton.k12.ks.us
Where From: Holton, KS
My Favorite Lobo Album: Best of Lobo

I'm a Girl(an old girl)and I have ALWAYS been a Lobo fan. He never recorded anything that I didn't like and I always imagined that he was a world-weary troubador,otherwise, he couldn't not have tugged at my heart strings the way he did.

John R. Lopata - 06/28/99 05:12:37
My Email:fanofphils@aol.com
Where From: Houston,TX
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

I can't believe I found a Lobo web site!!!! This is awesome. I have loved his music since 1971 and wish I could find more of his music on CD or LP. Where can I begin my search for his recordings? Thanks for keeping Lobo's fabulous music alive. He is truly a master songwriter!!!

Daniel Alberto - 06/20/99 07:01:03
My Email:danielz_55@hotmail.com
Where From: Argentina
My Favorite Lobo Album: I'd Love You To Want Me

My song favorite I'd Love You To Want Me

Luiz Alberto Gomes - 06/15/99 22:44:48
My URL:http://sites.uol.com.br/bugrim
My Email:bugrim@uol.com.br
Where From: Brazil
My Favorite Lobo Album: Just A Singer


Gary Morgan - 06/04/99 08:54:32
My Email:cltl@webtv.net
Where From: Indiana
My Favorite Lobo Album: All the early ones 70's

Never thought so many fans of LOBO are around anymore. I got 8-tracks, albums, and alot of fond memories of those times when he first came around. I would do all most anything to see him in concert. That would make my life complete. 45 yrs. young and never will forget the good times of LOBO and me. Just like they happened yesterday. Keep up the good work and I'll check in now that I found the real world. Thanks again.

Dean Grein - 05/27/99 03:57:13
My Email:DeanoG@Webtv.net
Where From: Ocean Springs, MS
My Favorite Lobo Album: Cowboy Afraid of Horses

I was on the website "CDDB" searching for Lobo data and it showed a Lobo II CD that I would love to have!! Can anyone give me info on attaining the CD?

Ben Lokan - 05/21/99 06:41:41
My Email:lokenoch@hotmail.com
Where From: Australia
My Favorite Lobo Album: Of A Simple Man

Excellent site, Sam. Keep up the good work. I'm surprised that no-one has listed 'Of A Simple Man' as their favourite album. I know they are all good, but I think this album is extra-special!

Alexandre Burigo - 05/04/99 00:53:21
My URL:http://www.zaz.com
My Email:aburigo@zaz.com.br
Where From: Criciuma -SC - brazil
My Favorite Lobo Album: All that i have heard

great page, very nice work for fans.

Rick Hallanger - 05/03/99 15:23:37
My Email:ricko@means.net
Where From: Faribault, MN
My Favorite Lobo Album: I have to say ALL

I have searched and searched to find a site connected with Lobo... I found a cd "the best of Lobo" a couple of weeks ago... Its great.. brings back so many memories... I was in high school in the early 70's and his bio on the cd said it all .. he sang wha I felt... I am just tongue and finger tied... I have often wondered what happened to him.. I can see he is happy and that is good.. now I know there is more music of his out there.. the old albumns, some of which, I have on 8 track... even work a little, is there a source to get them on cassette? I hope... thanks...Rick Hallanger

Martin A. Jump - 05/01/99 04:10:47
My URL:http://www.I1net
My Email:Jumpfam@I1net
Where From: High ridge MO.
My Favorite Lobo Album: Introducing Lobo

I am interested in a location to purchase a replacement cassette tape or CD of Lobo's first album Introducing Lobo. Please send me any available info Thank You ! Marty

Tim Mammel - 04/25/99 06:19:12
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Venue/3698/
My Email:mouthbow@geocities.com
Where From: Pocono Summit, PA
My Favorite Lobo Album: Introducing Lobo

What a great site. I was delighted to find it. When I was a young teenager (long time ago) my cousin had a copy of "Introducing Lobo" and we would hang out and listen to it all the time. I like all their music, but that's what I remember most. Have not h ard much about Lobo since then and it's wonderful to see such a dedicated site. And to top it off, I find out that he recorded Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier"! I had no idea, and I like all the songs on "Just a Singer" I had no idea it existed. Does Rhino still have that in print? Keep up the great work, and come visit my a href="http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Venue/3698/">Buffy Sainte-Marie site, when you get a chance. Peace, Tim

Joe Rude - 04/20/99 04:51:08
My Email:www.dodgebiker@aol.com
Where From: Lubbock, Texas
My Favorite Lobo Album: Calumet

Hi there! I have been looking since i arrived on the internet in Feb., 1998 for any info on Lobo. My searching has been answered. Great Job!!!! I would like more than anything to attend the gathering on May 1st and may still try to. Lobo has always been my favorite singer ever since a friend gave me "Calumet" for my 19th birthday in 1973. Boy, has it been that long ago.. I have collected quite a bit of other pieces on him and look forward to coming to your site often. Thanks from a devoted Lobo fan....... Joe

Rene van den Berge - 04/16/99 07:11:25
Where From: Rijswijk, Holland
My Favorite Lobo Album: all

Wonderful to share my interest in Lobo with others.

John R - 04/03/99 13:56:06
My Email:greenbear_80@yahoo.com
Where From: Dallas
My Favorite Lobo Album: All

Thank God for the internet. I have waited years to finally find others who shared my love of Lobo. Many times you latch on to an artist that means much to you and Lobo was that artist for me. I appreciated his honesty both in music and in lyrics. He w s always the one celebrity I wanted to have lunch with or spend an hour with in those trivia games. I hope I have a chance to hear him sing live someday. I will never forget he came to Dallas, I believe in 1972, with Three Dog Night at the Cotton Bowl b t I was too young to attend.

Weng C Chan - 03/30/99 22:35:33
My Email:pddesign@enternet.com.au
Where From: Australia
My Favorite Lobo Album: all

Good stuff - how about tips where one may buy the album(s). Keep it up.

BackBay - 03/20/99 23:51:06
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/6102
My Email:backbay@sunlink.net
Where From: Pennsylvania
My Favorite Lobo Album: Cowboy Afraid Of Horses

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