written by Kent "Lobo" LaVoie
This morning when you kissed me
And got up out of bed
I moved into the very spot
Where you had laid your head
I felt the warmth of your love move into me
And I knew you are all I'll ever need

As I laid there and I watch you
Getting ready for your day
The sunlight through the window
Put a glow upon your face
I felt your love spread out
All inside of me
And I knew you're all I'll ever need

You are all I'll ever need
Bigger than the air I breathe
You're everything that means
A thing to me
You are all I'll ever need
That's what you are to me
You are love and you are life
You are all I'll ever need

Now I hear you making coffee
And you call out acting sad
You say if I don't get up now
That you might just get mad
But I hide my face underneath the sheets
And pretend to be asleep

Now you're laughing as you jump on me
To tell me goodbye
Your hair smells just like sunshine
There's that something in your eye
And I love the words I know
You'll say to me
You're all I ever need

Famous Music / Boo Music