Classic Hits

Classic Hits  CD 1995
Ponycanyon / Skin/Ponycanyon CS00064 Malaysian Version

Producer: Billy Aerts
          Kent "Lobo" LaVoie
Mixer:    Gene Eichelburger
          Jack Howell
          Ed Seay
Studio:   Creative Recording, Nashville, Tn.
          Soundstage, Nashville, Tn.
          The Bennett House, Nashville, Tn.
          The Money Pit, Nashville, Tn.
          The Sanctuary, Nashville, Tn.

Playing Time: 45:08

Billy Aerts - Background/Harmonica
Eddie Bayers - Drums
Michael Black - Background
Michael Blaustone - Drums
Dennis Burnside - Piano
John Hammond - Drums
Shara Johnson - Background
Don Koch - Synthesizers
Troy Lancaster - Electric Guitars
Kent "Lobo" LaVoie - Acoustical Guitars/Vocals/Background
Chris Leuzinger - Electric Guitars/Acoustical Guitars
Steve Nathan - Synthesizers
Dasie Pomeroy - Bass
John Wesley Reles - Background
Matt Rollings - Piano
Mike Severs - Electric Guitars
Michael Spriggs - Acoustical Guitars
Cindy Walker - Background
Dennis Wilson - Background
Jim Wilson - Synthesizers/Piano
Bob Wray - Bass
Reggie Young - Electric Guitars
Dream Lover
(Bobby Darin)
Whispers In The Wind
(Billy Aerts)
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
The End Of The World
(Arthur Kent / Sylvia Dee)
It's All In The Game
(Charles Gates Dawes / Carl Sigman)
I'd Love You To Want Me
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
Twilight Time
(Morty Nevins / Al Nevins / Buck Ram)
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
(Gerry Goffin / Carole King)
I'll Come Back To You
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
How Can I Tell Her
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)
Lobo / McKenna (McKenna is Lobo's daughter)
No Secrets
(Kent "Lobo" LaVoie)