Lobo's Discography

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The Albums
Big Tree#BTS 2003 Introducing Lobo May 1971
Big Tree#BTS 2008 Close Up Unreleased
Big Tree#BT 2013 Of A Simple Man Sept 1972
Big Tree#BT-2100 Introducing Lobo April 1973
Big Tree#BT 2101 Calumet May 1973
Big Tree#BT 89501 Just A Singer June 1974
Philips#6369 807 The Best Of Lobo 1974
Big Tree#BT 89505 A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses April 1975
Big Tree#BT 89513 The Best Of Lobo Oct 1975
Philips#6369 811 Star For Millions 1975
Philips#6303 171 Come With Me 1976
MCA/Curb#3194 Lobo Nov 1979
Atlantic#AR2929 Lobo Gold 1980
WEA#89513-2 The Best Of Lobo 1987
WEA#2292-53335-2 The Best Of Lobo II 1988
UFO#UI-8901 Am I Going Crazy Oct 1989
WEA#9031-71854-2 Am I Going Crazy 1990
Curb#D2-77302 Greatest Hits June 1990
Dominion New Recordings 1990
Munhwa#Creato-2302 The Best of Lobo Dec 1991
Hanyang#CTAT-3506 Lobo Best Dec 1991
Afidno#DRC-452 The Very Best Of Lobo - I'd Love You To Want Me June 1992
Rhino#R2 71254 The Best Of Lobo June 1993
Curb/Edel#CUR7510-2 Best Of Lobo 1993
Ponycanyon#CS00059 Asian Moon 1994
Ponycanyon#CS00064 Classic Hits 1995
Ponycanyon#CS00064 Classic Hits (Malaysia Version) 1995
Ponycanyon#ACLD 00002 Music Videos Lobo Karaoke Golden Hits Dec 1995
Curb#D2-77736 Jim Staffords Greatest Hits 1995
Taiwan The Greatest Selection/Still In Love 1995
Rhino#R2 72436 I'd Love You To Want Me April 1996
Ponycanyon#CS00079 Sometimes 1996
Curb#D2 77877 Best Of Lobo Oct 1996
Flashback#R2 72676 Me And You And A Dog Named Boo And Other Hits July 1997
Springroll#SPCD003 You Must Remember This July 1997
Springroll#SPCD004 You Must Remember This - The Instrumental Album July 1997
Star Cruises Star Cruises Presents The Best Of Lobo 1997
Rhino#R2 72386 Introducing Lobo / Of A Simple Man Nov 1997
Rhino#8122-72385-2 Calumet Nov 1997
Rhino#8122-72387-2 Just A Singer / A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses Nov 1997
Curb/Denon#COCB-83214 Greatest Hits Aug 1999
WorldStar#OGGD-2219 The Classic Gold Of Lobo Mar 2000
Brilliant#BT-33059 Lobo Very Best Of Aug 2000
Gmbh Entertainment Lobo Christmas Songs Dec 2000
Planet Song#7107 A Simple Man Jan 2001
Euro Trend#CD152.746 The Very Best Of Lobo April 2001
WorldStar#CDA1786 The Classic Gold Of Lobo June 2002
Warner/Rhino#50-5046-60525-2-0 The Very Best Of Lobo 2002 Aug 2002
Alpha Music#35CD-60012 2002 Greatest Hits Of Lobo Sept. 2002
Prime 1769 Lobo - Platinum Collection Dec. 2002
Metronome CD 4052 The Very Best Of Lobo 1971-1980 May 2003
Hey Presto England KXCD023 Very Best Of Lobo May 2003
Vigin#VK1013 Lobo Best 2003
Wounded Bird WOU 2003 Introducing Lobo / Of A Simple Man Aug 2005
Collectables COL-CD-8491 Me And You And A Dog Named Boo 2005
Universal Music DSD-0492 The Classic Gold Of Lobo 2005
Beaver Music KGCD 8400206 Lobo Hits Aug 2005
Lobo CD-01 Am I Going Crazy Jan 2006
Lobo CD-02 Come With Me Jun 2006
EMI#00946 371992 20 Ultimate Collection Aug 2006
Rock Music Records 5564 The Classic Gold Of Lobo 2006
BGE#CMND-0164 That 70's Christmas Album Dec 2006
Lobo CD-03 Greatest Hits 2007 Jan 2007
HDCD 8372 The Best Of Lobo The Ultimate Collection 2007
Shout#826663-4532 The 70's Experience Live (DVD) 2007
Lobo CD-04 Out Of Time Jan 2008
Wounded Bird WOU 2101 Calumet July 2008
Wounded Bird WOU 9501 Just A Singer / A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses July 2008
Wespo MP3 Downloads Christmas Songs Dec 2008
Universal SRS 191 The Classic Gold Of Lobo (Tin) April 2009
Stoney Records Propinquity August 2010
EQ Music EA 72278 The Very Best Of Lobo Special Edition Oct 2010
Fuel 302 062854 2 All Time Greatest Performances Oct 2010
Bravo Musik BMCD 01010 Ultimate Collection 2010
Platinum BEIDA 00011210 The Best Of Lobo Audiophile 2011
Vivid Video DVD Forever Hits (DVD) 2011
EVOSound#EVSA157/158HQ Love Me For What I Am Dec 2011
WS Music#QY-2514 Collection Out Of Print 2016
Absolute Music#WS 1036 Collection Out Of Print - Re-issue 2019
Time-Life Digital Album If I Could Do It Over The Acoustic Hits Oct 2021
Time-Life Digital Album Faithful Oct 2021
Time-Life Digital album Timeless The Very Best Oct 2021
Time-Life Digital EP Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Oct 2021
Time-Life Digital Album Why Is It Me Feb 2022
Time-Life Digital Album That Shows You What I Know Feb 2022
Time-Life Digital Album Let Me Leave You Feb 2022