Greatest Hits

The Classic Gold Of Lobo - The Best Album  CD
WorldStar Music OGGD-2219 Hong Kong - March, 2000
This is a 24kt Gold CD. This issue is licensed.
WorldStar Music CDA1786 China - June 2002
Released as a HDCD (High Definition CD) This issue is a bootleg.

I Don't Want To Want You *
(Roger LaVoie)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
(Carol King)
How Can I Tell Her *
(Kent LaVoie)
It Sure Took A Long Long Time *
(Kent LaVoie)
Don't Tell Me Goodnight *
(Kent LaVoie)
Stoney *
(Kent LaVoie)
I'd Love You To Want Me *
(Kent LaVoie)
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo *
(Kent LaVoie)
Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend *
(Kent LaVoie)
There Ain't No Way *
(Kent LaVoie)
A Simple Man *
(Kent LaVoie)
Rock And Roll Days *
(Kent LaVoie)
Dream Lover
(Bobby Darin)
The End Of The World
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Yellow River
(Jeff Christie)

(*) New recordings of the original hits.