Close Up  LP 1971
Big Tree/Ampex Records BTS 2008 U.S.A.
**Never Released**

Producer: Phil Gernhard

Track Listing:
1. I Never Had It So Good
(Paul Williams song) 
2. Toll Road (Lobo) 
3. Glory (Lobo) 
4. Ace (Jimmy Buffet before he was famous) 
5. Always Up (Lobo) 
6. Cecil Jones (Lobo) *
7. Every Day Is My Way (Lobo) 
(Am not sure if this is the same song as the 1975 release of the same title.)
8. Lets Have A Hand For Suzanne (Lobo) *

This album was in the process of being recorded when Big Tree was being moved from Ampex to Bell. This album got lost in the shuffle. When Lobo was asked about this album his response was:
"This album is one that never was released. Ampex went belly up in the middle of the recording and for some reason the album just vanished."
*Two tracks from this album were eventually released as Bonus tracks on the Rhino CD release of "Calumet". So obviously Rhino owns this album. Whether it will ever see a release is anyone's guess. Although Lobo could only remember 8 tracks from the album, he normally had 11 tracks on an album. The three remaining tracks could have possibly been from the list below:
Shot Down Honcho (Lobo)
My Head Needs Peace (Lobo)
Sunny And Share (Lobo)
She Knows Something (Lobo)
These tracks were found in the Lobo songbook that was released right after the Bell take over of Big Tree.
Apparently Bell was not aware the album never got released because they included this album on inner sleeve advertising. Thanks to Gene Webb for sending me the scan of the album cover. Whether any copies of this album were ever pressed is anyone's guess. From the advertisement, the album cover was designed and possibly printed.