Am I Going Crazy

Am I Going Crazy  1990
WEA 9031-71854-4 Malaysia Audio Cassette
WEA 9031-71854-2 Malaysia CD

Producer: Billy Aerts
Mixer:    Lynn Peterzell
          Tom Hitchcock
Studio:   Quad Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
          House Of David Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
          Reflections Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Billy Aerts - Background
Eddie Bayers - Drums
David Briggs - Piano/Synthesizers/Arranger
Mike Brignardello - Bass
Carol Chase - Background
Greg Galbraith - Acoustical Guitars
Steve Gibson - Electric Guitars
Kent "Lobo" LaVoie - Acoustical Guitars/Vocals/Background
Randy McCormick - Synthesizer
Jim Photoglow - Background
Lonnie Wilson - Drums
Bob Wray - Bass
Growing Pains
(Johnny Cymbal / Austin Roberts)
Here You Are
(Hugh Prestwood)
Slow Learner
(Billy Aerts / Erik Thorson)
Sanctuary Of Your Love
(Lobo / Billy Aerts)
Life Doesn't Get Any Sweeter Than This
(Lobo / Billy Aerts)
Cheating On You
(Lobo / Billy Aerts)
Just The Sight Of You
(Lobo / Susie LaVoie / Billy Aerts / Danny Morrison)
Overnight Rider
(Billy Aerts / David Winter / Don Goodman)
Let Me Leave You
(Lobo / Billy Aerts)
There Ain't No Ghosts In Our Closet
(Lobo / Billy Aerts)
Am I Going Crazy
(Billy Aerts / Lobo / Will Robinson)