Lobo Ultimate Collection  CD August, 2006
EMI 00946 371992 20 Malaysia

1. A Simple Man
 (Kent LaVoie)
2. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
(Kent LaVoie)
3. Don't Tell Me Goodnight
(Kent LaVoie)
4. How Can I Tell Her
(Kent LaVoie)
5. I'd Love You To Want Me
(Kent LaVoie)
6. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
(P. Anka)
7. It Sure Took A Long, Long Time
(Kent LaVoie)
8. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
(Kent LaVoie)
9. Rock And Roll Days
(Kent LaVoie)
10. Stoney
(Kent LaVoie)
11. There Ain't No Way
(Kent LaVoie)
12. Medley: I Long To See My Home
(Kent LaVoie)
     Yellow River
(Jeff Christy)
13. Different Drum
(M. Nesmith)
14. Let It Be Me
(G. Becaud/P. Delanoe/M. Curtis)
15. Who'll Stop The Rain
(J. C. Fogerty)
16. Faithful
(B. Aerts)
17. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
(C. King/G. Goffin)
 18. The Caribbean Disco Show
 Arr. P. Natte