Lobo Best  CD 2003
Vigin Records# VK2013 - Malaysia
This is not a legitimate release.

I'd Love You To Want Me  
How Can I Tell Her  
I'm The Only One  
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo  
She Didn't Do Magic  
A Simple Man  
Standing At The End Of The Line  
Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend  
It Sure Took A Long Long Time  
Don't Tell Me Goodnight  
Goodbye Is Just Another Word  
There Ain't No Way  
Rock And Roll Days  
Daydream Believer  
Love Me For What I Am  
Would I Still Have You  
Universal Soldier  
A Little Different  
Whisper In The Wind  
All For The Love Of A Girl  

This album contains the original recordings although they are not near the quality of the official releases. Interesting enough the cover was completely designed using pictures from this web site, without permission I might add.